Church Culture (part 1)

       This past year has been a time for reflection.  As I look back there are things that bring both joy and sadness to my heart.  I am grateful for the souls brought to Jesus.  We continue to baptize souls into Christ.  Last year we lost a few members to other churches as well as some back into the world.  2008 was a year of mixed results.  

      Payson is a unique congregation.  I have never worked with a church that treats us as well as the church in Payson.  This is a congregation that shows a tremendous love and appreciation to both Robbi and me.  We have enjoyed our time with this group as much as anywhere we have worshipped or worked.

     The city of Payson is a retirement community.  The attitude and culture of a retirement community permeates all aspects of life.  This has taken some adjustment.  My goal as a preacher has always been to build churches and help individuals with their spiritual lives.  The culture in Payson does not allow these goals to be met easily.  It has taken some time and thought to determine why these goals have been difficult to reach in Payson.

     In the next few days I am going to discuss some things I believe necessary to build churches and help individual Christians learn to walk in the will of God.  I invite you to walk with me through this journey.

     Initially, we need to understand we produce the things most important to us.  Some churches pride themselves in pure doctrine.  Others may place emphasis on a strong youth program or dynamic worship.  A third group may understand restoration as the most important aspect of their work.  Honestly, we are often a combination of things we hold as important.  It is seldom we take time to determine our direction.  Often we do what we do because this is all we know.  This becomes our religious culture.  As we discuss these concepts in the near future we will attempt to determine two things.  First, what should be the culture in a local church?  Second, how do we build the proper culture in our brotherhood?




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