Church Culture (part 8)

     In today’s world there isn’t much we can really trust.  The world is searching for some place it can invest  confidence.  Nothing in this world provides such a place.  Only God is the answer.  No trust can be placed in government, men, or even religion.  God is the only answer worthy of trust. 

     The answer to tomorrow’s problems already exists in the mind of God today.  Our answers cannot be found in our ability or understanding.  Many of us grew up believing if we could do enough, pray enough, or repent often enough we might be saved.  This culture provides no security, no joy, and little hope.  The time has long since passed for us to move our trust from our ability to the grace provided by the Lord.

     Churches operating in a culture that stresses the preaching of Jesus know that it is not in man to direct his steps.  Our understanding will never be adequate nor our righteousness sufficient to warrant eternal life.  Our salvation stands of falls within the halls of God’s grace.  Our direction must be determined by total trust in God and the reconciling power of Jesus Christ.

     I could not tell you the times I have thought, “I can’t do the Lord’s work in this place.  I could only see my own abilities and the job that stood before me.  I had forgotten that I am simply a tool God uses to do His work.  I doubt that I stand alone in these thoughts.  It isn’t unusual for one to depend on their abilities forgetting about God.  It has been my experience in my years of preaching that this is the accepted rule.  Our fellowship serves in a culture of self-reliance.  We depend on our intellect, talents, and understanding to determine our religious direction.  This is not enough.  Man is never sufficient regardless of desire or actions.

     It is very necessary that Christians and churches learn to have a deep trust in God.  It is necessary for salvation.  It is essential in our daily walk.  It is also extremely important that we develop a deep trust in God within our local churches.  Our culture of self-reliance and understanding built in our knowledge of Scripture has diminished our trust in God.  This culture will always limit our abilities because to some degree it leaves God out of the equation. 

     How do we change our culture? Do we pray more often?  Do we work harder and longer hours?  Maybe we should spend more time studying Scripture.  All of these are of value, but they are not our problem.  The Churches of Christ today must develop a deep trust in God.  Only then can we preach Jesus in a way that places His influence in our churches as well as our communities.  This is a subtle change of direction, but a change of direction absolutely necessary.  Without this cultural change we will not remain relevant to a world in serious trouble.


2 Responses to Church Culture (part 8)

  1. Todd Deaver says:

    Amen, brother. I appreciate your thoughts.

  2. dellkimberly says:

    Thanks for reading. Continue to let the Lord use you.

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