Do You Know Who Holds the Water Back?

     God had led His children out of Egypt.  They were now standing before the Red Sea with mountains on either side.  Behind them was the entire Egyptian army.  There was no visible way of escape.  From man’s viewpoint their death was eminent. In Exodus 14 we are told Moses stretched forth his hand and the waters were parted.  This was a feat impossible according to the understanding of man.  It was an event  that could not take place. Not possible in man’s eyes, yet it happened!  This was an event that the intellect of man cannot grasp.

     Two groups walked the same path.  The children of Israel walked across the path between the walls of the sea to safety.  The Egyptian army walked between the walls of the sea to certain death.  Both walked the same path.  One walk led to deliverance and the other to death, why the difference?  Actually it was quite simple.  The Israelites understood and respected the power holding the water back.  They were walking by faith in the power of God.  The Egyptians were going through the same motions.  Yet, there was no faith in the power.  They had no concern for or knowledge of the power holding the water back.  Salvation was not in the steps  made.  In the same path was salvation and death.  The difference,  faith in the power of God.

     Today many are religious.  They may walk similar paths.   The paths may even be parallel in many instances.   The truth is the two groups are not the same. One seeks salvation by moral purity or by man’s intellect.   The second understands that salvation isn’t by man’s ability but by God’s declaration.

     It isn’t enough to go through the motions.  We can get all the works right but God requires more.  God wants us to understand the power that brings our salvation.  The power of salvation isn’t in the hands of man.  The power of salvation is in Christ.  God seeks acknowledgement of that power.

     At times we think it  is in our hands to direct our steps.  We miss the point.  If we are depending on our own morality and understanding to please God we become like the Egyptians.  We may chase the righteous but we will never catch up to righteousness.  Our deeds alone do not please God.  God wants our hearts.  We must have faith in the one who holds the power. If we are going to be declared righteous, we must understand who holds the water back.

     One of the most difficult times in my life was when I learned that success was not in my own hands.  From salvation to my success as a citizen it all lies in His hands.  I only wish I had learned earlier in life to trust in the power that holds the water back.


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