Pray For President Obama

president_obama1Today begins a time of change.  This is either a day of great celebration or a time marked by anxious hearts.  This marks the beginning of  change in our government.  In this nation we can be proud that our people are able to bring about a new administration without bloodshed or guns.  We make our decisions and change in the voting booth. 

President Obama should not be judged by the name he wears nor the color of his skin.  President Obama should be judged by how he governs our great nation.  As president he deserves and needs our prayers.  He occupies the office of president because God allows him the office. 

Pray that he might bring to the presidency the wisdom necessary to lead this nation.  We stand at the edge of difficulty in so many areas.  Pray that President Obama would make decisions that would continue to allow us freedom to worship God. May we be allowed to continue to preach the Gospel without fear or difficulty. 

As a nation let us stand together in unity.  May we recognize God as the great Creator and He who holds all things together.  Pray that  God will continue to hold this nation in the palm of His hand as He looks down on us with His great mercy and love.

May God bless President Obama in the things that he does.  Pray for the president’s insight, faith, and integrity.  Pray that the he continue to be God’s representative in our government.   Our hope and prayer is for President Obama to know God’s guiding hand.  Our Father hold and bless our president, give him wisdom, strength, and courage.  Please God keep him safe. Teach him Father to lead this great nation toward the sovereign truths of Your Word.  Gracious Father  bless President Obama and  bless this nation tonight!   

Can this nation and those reading this say Amen?              -dell kimberly-


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