And With Your Tax Dollars!

03newbornh2January 23, 2009, in his second full day in office, President Obama lifted the ban on oversees abortion funding.  This ban has been batted back and forth like a ping pong ball.  Initially this ban was put in place by President Ronald Reagan.  It remained in force until it was lifted by President Bill Clinton.  President George W Bush reinstated the ban and that ban remained in force for the eight years of his presidency.  With the removal of the ban  high on his list of priorities, President Barrack Hussein Obama has once again lifted the ban on taxpayer funding for companies who supply and encourage abortions in countries outside our borders.  Tod Preston,  spokesman for Population Action International said, “Women’s health has been severely impacted by the cutoff of assistance.  President Obama’s actions will help reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.”  Mr. Preston it may well reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies but at what cost?

Let me state the actions that have been taken just so we understand what is being done.  President Obama’s action makes it legal in the United States of America to fund organizations who will not only encourage but make available abortions outside the borders of our country.  Here is the kicker,  our lawmakers will be funding these organizations with funds made available by our tax dollars. 

Isn’t the youngster pictured here adorable?  As a result of President Obama’s actions millions will possibly never know what life is like outside their mother’s womb.  Life is precious with every human being  created in the image of God.  Each of these children who die at the hand of the abortionist is an individual with a soul.  We may never know these children but God does.  He knows the lives they would have lived if they had not been killed.  Not only does God know these murdered children,  God knows even the names of their grandchildren.

It is essential that this issue remain ever before us.  We have now legalized the funding of organizations who encourage and make available the murder of children both inside and outside the borders of our nation.  Our elected officials are making this possible with taxpayer funding from hardworking individuals who vehemently oppose  this action.  Don’t stand by and do nothing.  Write to your officials letting them know how you feel.  Most of all pray!  Pray that President Obama and those who hold similar views would grow in their knowledge and trust of God.  We can’t remain silent.  Lives of precious children are at stake!

-Dell Kimberly-


4 Responses to And With Your Tax Dollars!

  1. Travis Conner says:

    Thanks for this post. This is typical of what is ahead. Why did I not receive this via CNN, NBC, ABC, or CBS? Everybody in America needs to have access to this article. “Choice” – what do they mean by choice? That precious LIFE has no choice.
    God Bless

  2. Thanks Travis,
    You didn’t receive this from the normal outlets because they have an agenda. That agenda is not to report news. Their agenda is to change culture. We can’t sit idly by while this happens.

  3. Carole May says:

    Dell, the Lord guided me to this website. For those in AZ who want to contact government officials, this will work well. The site is set up so that the same message goes to Kyl, McCain and the one in Washington representing your AZ district in Washington

    You may want to share this with others


  4. Matt Clifton says:


    Excellent article. How we as a nation treat the unborn is a good indication of how we will treat the elderly and physically/mentally challenged in the future. It’s only a step away from taking lives in any manner we please, as long as it meets goals.

    Great job on this.


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