What Is The Mission of the Church?

our-missionJesus came to seek and save the lost.  As His body the mission of the church is the same.  Our purpose is to do all we can to preach Jesus.  If we follow Jesus we will take the message of salvation to the lost.  Our mission ought to be the element that drives our direction.  It should be the most important part of who we are and why we are here.  How easy it becomes to lose our direction!

As Christians we allow many things to get in the way of the important.  Often the directions we take on are important on the surface.  These may appear to be good and worthwhile.  The problem is we allow them to take us away from Jesus.  If we are in the business of being religious most churches do quite well,  but if we are in the business of seeking and saving the lost we are quite inept.  In reality, what things keep us from preaching Jesus?

First, we have trouble understanding the difference in following Jesus and being religious.  The pharisees were quite religious.  In fact their understanding of  law had in their eyes become the measure of correctness of doctrine.  They believed their understanding of Scripture contained eternal life.  Jesus told them Scripture testified that He was the Christ.  If they had really understood they would have recognized Jesus as the Christ.  The importance of this is found in the fact that we must place our trust in the Christ and not in our understanding of Scripture.  If we trust our understanding of Scripture rather than  Jesus we become like the Pharisees.

Second, we stress the wrong things.  We aren’t policemen or lawyers.  We are teachers sharing the good news of Jesus.  So often we allow our zeal for knowledge to overide the need to share the message.  Is it important that we teach the truth?  Absolutely!  If we teach something other than the truth of Jesus we have shared nothing of value.  At the same time let’s not become like the Pharasees in our approach.  Our understanding of the covenant can’t become the standard.  When we stress our understanding instead of the good news we have misplaced our identity.

If we major in the minor we might get the minor right but the important is left undone.  Doctrine is important.  Sunday morning worship matters as does faith in Jesus Christ and the grace of God.  We may have perfect knowledge (which I doubt) but if we keep that knowledge within our specially prepared box it is of no value.  We have to make a difference outside the walls of our buildings.  Communities need to be changed by the preaching of Jesus.  We need to turn cities upside down again.  We aren’t here to convert people to a religious system.  We are here to convert them to Christ.

The mission of the church is to preach Jesus, sharing the good news to a world lost in sin.  This is the message pure and simple.  Our mission isn’t to police, restore, or even guard.  Our mission is to preach Jesus.


2 Responses to What Is The Mission of the Church?

  1. Guy says:

    The church needs to do what Jesus did. Bring people into a true relationship with God and help the hurting.

  2. Clint P. says:

    Very well said Dell. It’s sad to me that I let things like church get in the way of a relationship with Jesus.

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