What Is It Churches Do?

helping1As Christians and congregations we must look for opportunities to serve. It is pertinent that we react to the world in
ways the world isn’t expecting. If we went to the people in our respective communities and ask them this simple question, “What do churches do?” What do you think their response would be? Some might say churches worship God. More might answer by saying that churches pass judgment, or are self-righteous and condescending. How many in our communities would say our congregation is best described as serving? Do we look for opportunities to minister? I ran across an article I want to share with you. It best says what I in my feeble way am attempting to get across. This link is


Please take the time to read what this man has to say. We can change the perception the community has of us. We change our image one Christian and one congregation at a time, starting with us as individuals. Without the ability to change the world and the direction of the souls of mankind churches are nothing more than social gatherings. If we don’t make a difference to those on the outside it really doesn’t matter what we teach inside. Tell me again, exactly what is it that churches do?”


2 Responses to What Is It Churches Do?

  1. Wayne McDaniel says:

    Dell, The story of Julio Diaz is humbling for me. He quickly thought and acted like Jesus clearly taught, toward the young man who robbed him. My flesh would likely have prevailed to act selfishly. Many of us have been thinking and acting more like the scribes and Pharisees than we have realized. When we finally see ourselves,
    we can ask forgiveness for our selfishness and ask the Lord to open our hearts to others. Faulting others who do not understand some scripture, is an easy diversion from seeing our own self-centeredness. Julio’s faith teaches me.

  2. Thanks Wayne, It touched me as well. God Bless

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