I Can’t Improve On This

goda“Grace” is not just a theory, a concept or a doctrine. It is
God-in-Christ -for-sinners. Nothing we do can earn it, create it, or
make it happen. We can only receive it with the
empty hands of
, trusting God and relying on his promise that he has forgiven
our sins and has accepted us for Jesus’ sake. Until we do that, all
our rules, requirements, conditions and obligations only miss the
point and waste our time. But when we do trust the gospel promise
that God receives sinners, we may happily entrust ourselves to such
a God — eager to seek and to know what pleases him, confident of
his goodness and of his love.”  Copied from Edward Fudge Column. 
Please go to this link to read the rest of his article.  It is really good material.  This is  the link:  


 God bless, dell kimberly      PS  if you can visit http://alphainventions.com/



2 Responses to I Can’t Improve On This

  1. Wayne McDaniel says:

    Dell, I’m delighted that you have shared a portion of Edward’s gracEmail for yesterday. Edward has been writing short essays like this for over 12 years, and there are now over 1400 gracEmails indexed and cross-referenced at his website: http://www.Edwardfudge.com I have not found any teaching on the Net that comes close to expressing as much truth in so few words. Jesus taught profoundly in few words. Edward follows that style with the humility learned from Jesus.
    Two exceptional GM’s from 2008 are: “Breaking The Big One”, 8/10/08, and “The Jesus Message”, 3/18/08.

  2. Mike Bumpus says:

    I believe the link you want is http://www.edwardfudge.com/gracemails/grace_personal.html I have to find time to set and sift through his writings. Looks like VERY GOOD stuff.

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