“Christianity American Style”

This may seem a silly question, but when did Christianity become free?”  I know the price Jesus paid was with His life.   When did Christianity stop costing those who follow Jesus today?   Following Jesus is no longer  the controlling american_flagfactor in many  lives.  We Americans are willing to be Christians so long as it fits our life style, but don’t ask me to give up the things I want in order to serve.   Why choose to serve the Lord if it isn’t the most important thing in our lives?

In thirty-two years of preaching one would think he had seen it all.  I fear that “Christianity American style”  is a far cry from what God intended.  Under Moses law  God said, “have no other Gods before me.”  Perhaps we believe that since we are under a new covenant this no longer applies when we  find other Gods that appeal to us.   Often our priority isn’t putting God first, it is fitting Him in at all.  We are willing to be Christians so long as we don’t have to inconvenience ourselves.  If serving the Lord means giving up what I want  it just doesn’t fit my schedule.  Surely God doesn’t require I actually serve Him first!  I just know if Jesus was walking the face of the earth as a man He would understand.  After all I deserve to live my life in a way that makes me happy, because when it is all said this life is about me and my being happy, right?  God won’t care where He fits into my plans so long as I fit Him in somewhere, right? 

Serving God is a privilege.  It is a privilege  we do not deserve.  “Christianity American Style” doesn’t deserve Godly elders or a dedicated evangelist.  Christianity that doesn’t cost us anything deserves only a hireling, a  shepherd who will run away when the wolves seek to devour the flock.  Certainly “Christianity American Style” does not deserve a Saviour giving His blood so we can continue to follow after other Gods.

What does serving God cost you?  Do we make our lives fit into serving God or do we make serving God fit around the things that are important to us?  I fear “Christianity American Style” is something that God never intended.


3 Responses to “Christianity American Style”

  1. Wayne McDaniel says:

    Dell, This is another faithful word. It clearly reflects the spirit of Jesus’ words, such as loving him more than family (Mt. 10, Lk.14). It is tragic that our assemblies have been reduced to gatherings where there is no place to open our hearts and pray for each other (1 Jn. 5:16, Ja.5:16). The current financial crisis will likely lead to some clear testing of our FAITH TO OBEY words like 1 Jn. 3:17.

  2. Jan says:

    We are to be a servant to God & Christ. If you love me you will keep my commandments. That’s not putting my wants first. We are so spoiled today. The world says “grab all the gusto you can”. Our reward is NOT of this world, our reward is in the world to come!

  3. Jere says:

    Good job! but it looks to me like you are telling me how to put my committment into practice.

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