What Kind of Preacher are you?

As Christians all of us have some things that are of more value to us than other things.  Preachers of the Gospel are no different.  Where is your emphasis?  Some preachers spend the majority of their time policing the brethren.  Others spend time preaching love.  Where is your emphasis?

This is a pertinent question for all of us who have built our lives around preaching.  Personally, I see most of us falling into three or four categories.  There is not a right or wrong in being in these categories.  We generally do what comes most natural for us.  Regardless of the category your preaching fits do not condemn those who emphasize different things.

The first area of emphasis we see is that of the brotherhood policeman.  Some of these in this group spend the majority of their time looking for the error that certainly exists in almost all congregations.  They become the preacher who looks for a false doctrine under every pew.  Many preachers in this group make it their life ambition to fight against any type change.  Preachers who emphasize purity of doctrine are necessary and important.  One of the things we must emphasize is the search for truth.

The second area is similar to the first.  We see many who hold the title and emphasis as guardian of truth.  This group of preachers believe that they have found truth and it is worth their effort to guard this truth.  We hear phrases like, “walking in the old paths” , “the guardian” , or “contending for the faith”.   The primary preaching done by this group is first principle preaching.  These preachers play an essential and vital role in laying the foundations of truth.

A third group of preachers emphasize evangelism.  Their desire is to preach Jesus.  With this group we see the primary growth that is occurring in the church.  Their emphasis is in sharing the gospel with those that are lost.  As a result of this emphasis this group brings more to the obedience of the gospel, but we tend to hear less from them in regard to brotherhood issues.  This group tends to get lost in the fray many times.

A fourth group is the group that believes they preach the “whole counsel of God.”  We all would like to think we always preach the whole counsel of God.  The truth is we rarely do.  This group tends to be rather smug in their attitude. If you fall in the boundaries of this group you tend to lean a little toward self-righteousness.  After all if you preach the “whole counsel of God”,  you have all the answers!

The purpose of this short article is to help us realize that as preachers of the gospel we all have our deficiencies and strengths.  All of us come up short from time to time.  The real question we need to ask is not which group is best, but rather “What kind of preacher are you?”  An honest answer to this question can be a rather humbling experience for us all. Thankfully together we usually get the job done.


2 Responses to What Kind of Preacher are you?

  1. Guy says:

    I am not a preacher. I am a recovering sinner.


  2. Don Morrison says:

    Evangelism is a misunderstood word, I am afraid. It represents “cold calls” to some, “Bible-thumping” to others; certainly technique comes to mind. But for me it means bearing a message of redemption. I don’t even use the word very much, just to avoid the baggage it carries; instead I use other terms such as telling others the message of hope, belonging, redemption, salvation,

    Not to take from the power of your thoughts here, but I think of preaching Jesus as preaching the whole counsel of God – they are the same thing. I want every lesson I prepare to be missional and redemptive. I want it to have some element of challenge to my worldliness and comfort for my godliness. I want the words I speak to draw people into God. To me that is preaching Jesus. He is the lens through which every sentence in the Bible is to be brought into focus. He is the living example of God’s whole counsel.

    Thanks for your stimulating thoughts, Dell.

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