The Sound Doctrine /False Doctrine Problem

Perhaps I should have written this post first, but, better late than never I suppose.  I recieved a personal e-mail from a good friend of mine who asked why is this important?  This is a very good question.  Why does this matter?  Whether we realize it or not we in the churches of Christ have built a major portion of our identity around the issue of “sound doctrine.”  This is our culture and direction.  A major portion of who we are is built around the concept of getting the doctrine right.  We want what we call “sound doctrine.”  Much of our preaching is done to oppose “false doctrine.”   Right or wrong this is who we are.

I am not sure we have placed our identity where the Lord intended.  In fact I believe Scripture teaches that our purpose as Christians today is to preach Christ as Savior.  But, if we are going to place our identity in getting the “doctrine” absolutely right,  we need to make sure that our definitions match those of Scripture.  If we have missed the Biblical intent of the definition of false and sound doctrine, we have at the very least misplaced our identity as a people.

If we are going to pride ourselve in holding sound doctrine and opposing false doctrine we must allow Scripture to dictate what sound and false doctrine is.  Otherwise we have missed the point entirely.  If we are seeking this direction as our identity we must make sure the direction is from God. 

The purpose for identifying  the definitions of these words from Scripture is to make sure that God has His hand in whatever direction we pursue.  If man chooses both the direction and definition of the direction God has no hand in it.


5 Responses to The Sound Doctrine /False Doctrine Problem

  1. 1 Middle Man says:

    Dell, once again, I find it interesting, with due respect, that some might wonder why you are sharing these particular messages. I believe that these are some of the most seminal, spiritual and important messages that you have shared. It underscores, definitively, the struggle we have to find the right focus for our faith and godliness. I believe that the concept of “soundness,” like “denominationalism” for example, is a matter of perspective, perception and semantics. I believe that it can serve to be an idol, as so many other “issues”…and take our focus off of the source — Jesus Christ. Once again, “soundness” puts us in the driver’s seat, in relationship to determining righteousness and, therefore, on shaky ground…once again, it makes us judges. It is so tempting to think that being right in my thinking should be equated with being right with God, but it still misses the point, as you have been sharing for some time now. As we spoke about in our Bible class this evening, it is amazing how judgmental we, in general, appear to be when we begin to look at our thinking, language and such. We need to focus much more on humbling ourselves before our Father — in short, looking up, instead of looking around. Blessings, Don

  2. Thanks,
    Consistency will go a long way in destroying division. We can understand that words such as baptism must be defined by Scripture rather than on today’s terms. It fits our doctrinal needs. It is hard for us to apply this same consistency when it doesn’t fit our need. We must learn this consistency. When we allow Scripture to define sound and false doctrine the meaning is entirely different that the broad definition man gives to it. How much better when we allow God to determine intent!!

  3. Todd Deaver says:

    Great series, Dell. I appreciate it!

  4. Thanks Todd,
    I am looking forward to the effort you and Jay will be doing soon. dell

  5. Fritz says:

    Good point, and a pleasant surprise from someone from the Churchs Of Christ branch. Thank you.

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