When Do We Stop Learning?

This Post Has Been Removed.

No implication was intended in this post toward any individual.  For any misunderstanding I deeply apologize.  It is understood by most who teach God’s Word that we are responsible not only for what we say but for what we are percieved to have said.  For that reason this post will no longer be available for viewing.



2 Responses to When Do We Stop Learning?

  1. Wayne McDaniel says:

    Dell, I appreciate what you have reminded us of. GROWTH characterizes the Lord’s reign over our lives, Mt.13:31-3.
    The new wine of Jesus’ teaching inevitably expands in our hearts, which is why we must have new hearts to contain it.
    Unless we receive the birth from Above, we will turn away from Jesus when following requires denying ourselves.

    Opening our heart in prayer protects us from making idols of the means of God’s grace. We see that the Israelites had done this with the Sabbath, but our pride keeps us from seeing our security in things less than the Lord himself.

    Following Jesus means we are not camped at one spot.
    Pilgrims must break camp every morning. Fear of a journey reflects a lack of faith in the God of Abraham, who called him to leave his country for an unknown land. By following, Abraham and his seed acquired the desire for a better country, that is, a heavenly, wherefore God was not ashamed of them, to be called their God; for he has prepared for them a city.

  2. Ed Whittington says:

    Dell, I find your blogs both interesting and thought provoking, so keep writing. We have such trouble with new ideas and incites. When we come to the scriptures we bring the teaching that we have received, our parental influences, our education, our personal culture including church culture to the reading of these scriptures. We also wrestle with these influences at the level of how we think about these experiences. Therefore, our scheme with regard to a specific scripture is profoundly limited by these experiences. Reading a passage from scripture, praying about it, meditating it through, reading the thinking of others, helps us to expand or modify our scheme. This process does not alter the truth, but helps us approach a fuller understanding of the truth. We can call this process growth. To decide to camp out in the land of stand pat answers is a modern day spiritual tragedy. We are frightened by transformation because of where it might take us. Change may be the outcome, unfortunately it is much easier to do nothing.

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