Events Represent Crossroads In Our Life

When a major event occurs in our lives we often remember even the smallest details, sometimes for the rest of our lives. I will have aaaaaaaaburgessbeen married 33 years my next anniversary. I can remember almost every detail that took place the day Robbi and I were married. Often I have asked why do I remember these things so vividly when many times I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. The reason is quite simple. Major events in our lives matter. They represent a crossroads in our lives, a place where choices must be made.

In John 9 the disciples ask Jesus a question. The disciples ask, “Who sinned this man or his parents that he was born blind?” Jesus quickly answers by telling them that “neither this man nor his parents sinned but this was done that the works of God might be made manifest.” You are probably familiar with the rest of the story. Jesus healed the man who had been born blind.

As a result of this miraculous event many lives were forever changed. The man who had been blind was certainly changed. His parents who refused to answer the Jews were forever changed by their refusal. The Jews couldn’t deny the miracle and were thereby also changed. This event would stand out in the eyes of all concerned for the rest of their lives.

One thing that we must realize is that this happened for a purpose. This event was planned by the hand of God Himself. Some believe that God created the world and the things in it, gave us His Word and said, “Do the best you can.” Nothing could be further from the truth. God is still in control. God is active in events that take place even today.

Each of these events represent a crossroad in the lives of those involved. The choices we make in these major events often change the direction we travel for the remainder of our lives. When you are faced with a decision in your life be careful to consider the desires of our Lord. God remembers this event before he created the world. The events of our lives are important. Remember we may be like the man born blind in more ways that we wish to imagine. This event in your life may be taking place in order that the works of God might be made manifest!


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