A Statement of Purpose

My work as a minister of the gospel is to help bring individuals into a loving relationship with the Lord through obedience of the Gospel.  My intent is to help those individuals continue to build that relationship as they live their lives on earth.

It is my constant desire to build up the body of Christ.  A primary direction will be preaching a positive message that allows the local church to be excited about who they are and the mission they hold.  I stress the need for our reliance on the Spirit who dwells in the heart of each and every Christian.
We continue to be Christians under construction as the Spirit molds us.  Romans 8:29 allows us insight into the direction God holds for those who are His followers.  God has predestined Christians to be conformed to the likeness of His son.  As a minister part of my responsibility is to nurture this transformation through timely and appropriate preaching.
In order that the local church function properly each Christian must find his or her place in the body.  Each must use the talents God has given them.  As a church matures the Christians who make up that body also grow.  A mature congregation finds room for all those who worship and work with her.  As a preacher I encourage the participation of all members in that body.

The lifeblood of any church is her ability to reproduce.  Unless a church is evangelizing that church is dying.  Before any church will evangelize its members must be excited about who they are.  Without this excitement we will be nothing more than a loose knit group whose main purpose is self-seeking.  Through positive motivational preaching bound together with the right example and direction churches can be vibrant and growing.  My intent is to build just such a congregation filled with Christians who are willing ambassadors for our Lord and Master.



5 Responses to A Statement of Purpose

  1. Discipleship is the key – not study groups, but life-on-life, time-invested, pain-sharing, joy-inducing relationships. Pitching washers is just as important as praying together. It is in day-to-day unscripted life that true values – and blind spots – make themselves known. Both teaching and correction happen best in the moment, not the classroom.

    This is difficult in the American culture, but possible. Each specific cultural group (age, location, etc.) has to decide how this will work for them. There is no formula, except spending time together, loving (serving) each other, looking out for the interests of others.

    There is so much life in this approach, that people in the world will ask about it, and evangelism happens organically. This is why Peter told us to be ready in season and out of season to “give a response” about our faith. He assumed people would notice.

  2. Jan says:

    Very good post! I pray I NEVER stop growing as long as I have breath in my body. Learning one’s Spiritual Gift and using it for God’s purpose should be the main goal in life.

  3. preacherman says:

    Excellent post.
    I think it is important for every minister, pastor and eldership to have a statement of purpose. We as believers need them in every aspect of our lives.
    Again great post.
    I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more often.

  4. Robert Baty says:


    Just thought I would drop by to say hello and that I’ll be looking for your further comments on Matt’s blog.

    If not there, you can drop by my place.

    In trying to use your blog, I find it is not WebTv friendly.

    Robert Baty

  5. Robert Baty says:

    This is in response to your message on Matt’s blog. I submitted a reply there, but I do not know if he will post it and when.

    I don’t have your e-mail address.

    I have posted your comment to my discussion list. It is much easier to navigate and use than your blog, Matt’s blog, and even Jay’s blog; considering my WebTv limitations.

    Anyone can post there, and the archives are public. Simply use the “post” and/or “reply” features or address an e-mail to:


    Otherwise, my personal e-mail address is shown below my name.

    Robert Baty

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