Anti-ism, Legalism, Liberalism, and Pharasaism

We look at these terms and ask the question, “What do these words have in common?” These ideas have several things in common. Probably the most common connection these words share is the damage they do to the body of Christ. If they shared no other similarities this would be enough to avoid the trouble these ideas bring.

   As I thought about these ideas it occurred to me that all these words are “isms”. I thought it might be interesting to examine these doctrines by examining the “isms” they share. Maybe we can learn some things while viewing these dangerous doctrines.

   Those who hold these views are Intolerant of others. If you don’t see things as those who adhere to these views see things you are believed to be something less than faithful, less than pleasing to God, perhaps even lost. Each of these groups are unwilling to include you in their circles. Each group would view the other groups as unGodly or at best uninformed in their doctrinal positions.

  Those who hold these views are Self-righteous. The participants in each of these groups believe that they own truth. Any teaching that doesn’t agree with their thoughts can’t be from God. The sins and mistakes of everyone else are always “bigger” than their own. Whether stated or not it is the belief of these groups that God has put them in charge of judgment in the church.

   Those who hold these views also Miss the mark. One definition of sin is missing the mark. Any doctrine that damages the body of Christ as drastically as these man-made doctrines damage the church certainly qualifies as sin. One might reach the conclusion that some are more concerned with getting their way than with reaching the lost.

    Rather than holding to any of these circles of fellowship, wouldn’t it be better to simply be Biblical? Why not preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified. When we teach one must obey and understand doctrine perfectly we leave no room for God or for His grace. Aren’t you glad our group always gets every doctrine right? Sure we do and the world is flat isn’t it? Why not leave the “isms” behind and walk in the footsteps of the master!


5 Responses to Anti-ism, Legalism, Liberalism, and Pharasaism

  1. Jerry Weldon says:

    Hey Dell….I am working on the Big Two…… Love God with all you being and loving your brother. This takes care of all the isms.

  2. It surely does. God bless my friend……dell

  3. You know, thoughts like yours might just turn the world right side up!

    Go, God! Keep using Dell! Amen!

  4. Thanks Brad. May God use us all for His cause.

  5. Thanks to all who are willing to comment.

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