Decisions Matter

   The decisions we make have consequences.  Sometimes  we use poor judgment and make poor decisions.  I am reminded of the spies sent by God into the promised land.  The land had already been given to the children of Israel by the Lord.  Their job was to bring a report concerning the goodness of the Land promised them by the Lord.  The twelve returned from viewing the land and all said it was a great land,  a land that flowed with milk and honey.  It was everything that God had promised and more.  The ten sent into the land doubted their ability to possess the land.  They stated there were giants in the land.  Only Joshua and Caleb trusted  God’s promises.  This represented two groups involved in identical circumstances with two very different decisions.  As a result of these decisions  Joshua and Caleb possessed the  land while those who refused to trust God died in the wilderness. 

   We make daily decisions.  The decisions we make often changes the direction of our lives in ways that we can’t comprehend at the time we make them.   Many times our decisions are simply reactions to the circumstances that confront us.  Because we are only reacting we make decisions we live to regret.  When we make reactive decisions we can’t know what the future holds but God knows. 

   In view of the importance of  the decisions we make in our lives we need to implement guidelines to help us make the right choices.  Even if we don’t know the results of our choices God knows.  God knows both the decisions we make and the results of these decisions  before we are born.        

       1.  Include God in the decisions you make.  God is always in control.  By His hand He holds the world together.  He best knows the direction for our lives.

     2.  Clothe your decisions with prayer.  Ask God’s help in making decisions.  God will guide us in the decisions we make if we allow him.

       3.   Attempt to make choices that allow you to walk in the will of God.  So often we are concerned only with making choices that please us.  True happiness will only come when we walk in God’s will.

       4.   Never make critical decisions under duress.  When we do we usually find in time that we have made a poor decision.  When faced with something important never allow yourself to make that decision without  taking the time to allow God to help you think through what you are doing.         


3 Responses to Decisions Matter

  1. Dennis says:

    Back when I was working a “regular” job I would find myself looking forward to the weekend and dreading Monday. I also noticed during that time that I didn’t make great decisions on Friday because I felt too giddy to make rational decisions and I was a little exuberant in my choices. I didn’t make good decisions on Monday because I felt kind of bummed out and had a bail out mentality. Realizing these tendencies I decided that I would only make major life decisions on Tuesday through Thursday.
    Also, I’ve learned that when I have a major decision to make that it is helpful to pray about it before I go to bed, knowing that I will be more prepared to make a good decision the next morning. The next day, I would make a decision based upon my gut instincts, knowing that God had been clearing my thinking during the night.
    My life has been better since implementing these two strategies.
    God Bless,

  2. My experience – both learned and trained – has been slightly different when it comes to making decisions:

    1. Have a conversation with God about how this decision affects the advancement of the kingdom. Listen more than talk.

    2. Find out if this is a decision that you are supposed to make, or He is supposed to make. There is a difference. He’s in control of which is which. Again, this is prayer and meditation, and the answer usually has not come in the prayer closet, but in the middle of life happening.

    3. Tell your closest circle of believer friends about it and have them pray for you (all of them circled around you,laying hands on you, if possible).

    4. Be expectant and observant! God is building His kingdom, and has included us in the process. He WILL make sure you hear His voice.

    5. Thank God in advance for His provision, deliverance, and His willingness to give wisdom freely to all who ask.

    There was also an old cowboy poem about making a decision after the day was done, while on a hillside overlooking the cattle that were down for the night (job is done, peaceful state), and how sticking with that decision during the chaos is the best way to go.


  3. Brad and Dennis,
    Thanks for the thoughts, good stuff!!

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