What Is My Job as the Preacher?

I have had a number of request to post again an article I wrote earlier in the year.  Thanks for the request, I hope you enjoy.

In the past 30 years I have experienced much in my work as a preacher. I have preacher-colorbeen a problem solver, a counsellor, a teacher, a social worker, and shared in a thousand more responsibilities.  What is my job as a preacher?

Never forget our first responsibility is to preach the message of Jesus to those who  need to hear.  When working with the multiple personalities that exist in any local church it is easy to lose sight of this area of primary emphasis.  There is no excuse if we fail to preach Jesus.  Fellow preachers, the most important thing we do is share the message of the Christ.  Our initial responsibility is to share the good news of the Christ and the path that takes man from bondage in sin to freedom in Jesus. We must then provide instruction allowing Christians to lead a lifestyle that is in the likeness of Jesus. We do this from the pulpit, we do this in our daily lives.  We must be like Paul willing to preach “in season and out.”

Second, as a minister I must be willing to serve.  We must be willing to give of ourselves.  If our brothers and sisters in Christ are in need we as ministers must be willing meet their need.  This means we are on call 24/7.  In a perfect church the congregation would call the shepherds when they have a problem.  Unfortunately there aren’t many perfect churches.  As a result, when problems rear their ugly head preachers usually get the call.  Faithful preachers must be willing to serve the church, especially when the church  is in need.  This is the time we can make lasting differences in lives.

Third,  continue to study and grow.   It is easy to fall back on things we have already learned.  Preachers cannot allow themselves to stop growing.  Read widely, and read often. Read outside your area of comfort.   We must be willing to consider thoughts that are new to us.  When we reach the point we think we have it all figured out we are in deep trouble. Never allow your study to be done to defend doctrine.  Always study to seek truth.  We can’t allow ourselves to fall into this trap.  Never stop growing or studying.  The church deserves our best study scholarship.

Be willing to provide necessary leadership in the local church.  There will be times when the local preacher may find himself standing alone.  Don’t be afraid to stand when leadership is needed.  There are too many “yes men” in the church already.  You weren’t called so that you could “go along to get along.”  As preachers we represent the things of God.  This job isn’t a popularity contest.  There will be times when we must stand for right regardless of who stands against us.

Never forget who you are.  You are God’s man in the community, let God use you.  We are here to preach the gospel.  Never allow yourself to become so timid about the things you say that you become afraid to preach truth.  It is true that  we owe a degree of allegiance to the brethren.  This doesn’t change the fact that we owe our lives and souls to God.  Guard against the temptation to hold the party line in order to please brethren.  You belong to the Lord. You are God’s man in the community.  Let God use you and never forget the one you have been called to serve.  Fellow servants, we are preachers of the gospel.  Never forget God only had one Son and He chose that He should be a preacher.  If this is your call, do it and do it well!


One Response to What Is My Job as the Preacher?

  1. Don Morrison says:

    Thanks Dell – my job description for the “preacher” would be similar. I think I would incorporate the idea of “priest” and “pastor” as well since the preacher represents God and his will to people and since he provides shepherding care for the flock and any others who allow him. I think each of these concepts is conciliatory in presenting Jesus’ salvation to the lost and the saved.

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