Is Peace Possible in Today’s World?

Is Peace possible in today’s world?  With unemployment running almost ten percent can we remain calm?  With our national budget increasing at an unsustainable pace can we continue to maintain an attitude of trust?  Is peace possible in our lives today?  Peace is not only possible but for the Christian it is expected!  The peace in the hearts of the Christian isn’t determined by circumstances.  Our peace is promised by the Lord Himself.

It is the desire of God that we live in peace.  Not all will know this peace, only those who are in the family of God.  In order for us to enjoy this peace we must be at peace initially with God.  Sin keeps God and man at odds.  In order for there to be true peace in our lives, it must begin with God.  Until we trust in God to reconcile us from our sins there will be no peace.

There is nothing more peace producing than to lie down at night  and experience the undisturbed approval of God,  nothing separating us from fellowship with God.  For the Christian this peace ought to be part of our everyday life.  How do we obtain this peace that Scripture describes as a “peace that passeth all understanding?”

First, there must be a trust that is extended from man to God.  The Lord has paid a tremendous price in order that we might be reconciled to Him.  The sin payment had to be paid.  Jesus gave His life to make this payment.  The Father was willing that man might be brought back into fellowship  once again.  Once we are saved from our former life, nothing can separate us from that salvation but our own decisions.  If God loved us enough to make salvation possible we need to trust the fact that He continues to provide what is best in our lives.  Without trust there can be no peace.

Second, fix your eyes of Jesus.  The book of Hebrews commands that we do just  this thing.  When we lose sight of Jesus we  lose our peace.  Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.  Jesus made it possible that we establish relationship with God. He is our hope and our redeemer.  True peace only comes when we focus on living in Christ and allowing Christ to live in us and through us.

Third, make service to God your top priority.  In order to overcome sin we must learn to obey God.  Where sin rules there will be no peace.  Sin and peace cannot co-exist.  Serve God in all that you do and peace can be part of our daily walk.

God intended that peace exist in the life of all Christians.  Paul said, ” I have learned to be content whatever state I am in.”  What he was really saying was that there was peace in his life regardless of circumstances.  Can we make this statement as Children of God today?  It is God’s desire that we have this peace.  Do you trust Him enough today for His peace to reign in your life?  May God bless your efforts as you walk hand in hand with Him.


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