So Nice to Visit

Robbi and I are in Alabama for a week or two.  Karla our daughter and our son-in-law  Jim are expecting their first child in November.  Karla is having a baby shower next Sunday.  We are here for the shower.  We  are here helping Karla do a number of things to get ready for the baby.  It is nice to spend time with those you love.

Kevin our son and Julie our daughter-in-law are expecting their first child in February.  I expect we will be doing this all over again in a few months.  I can’t wait!  These are indeed exciting times.  Karla and Julie look so beautiful in their present conditions.  God has blessed us all.  I think I am going to love being a grandpa!

It will be nice to renew friendships while here.  It is hard to believe we have been away for four years.  We love Arizona but it is nice to be around things familiar again.

Heaven will be a grand place.  This will be a time of no more separations.  I can hardly wait.  Please pray for us.  We will be driving back to Arizona in a few days.


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