Life isn’t always fair.  Have you ever been in a situation in which you believed you were treated unjustly?  Did the circumstances cause you to lose control?  If you did lose control did it help?

Self-control matters even when life isn’t fair.  There are many events that take place that aren’t right.  Why do individuals lose their health in what ought to be considered the prime of life?  Perhaps you know someone who has lost their job through absolutely no fault of their own.  These situations are not fair.  Life isn’t fair but it isn’t a justification for losing self-control.

Why is it necessary we establish self-control?

  • Lack of self-control is a sin before God.  Consider the horrible sins listed in 2 Timothy 3:1-3.  Lack of self-control is listed among these sins considered by most as extreme.
  • God commands we maintain self-control.  Some seem to pride themselves in losing self-control.  Occasionally we see someone use the loss of self-control as a bullying technique to get their way.  How sad!  This goes against the commands of God.
  • Self-control is essential in order we maintain our influence.  It is worth noting that elders are to be men who have self-control. This trait is essential for those who are seeking to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

How do we maintain self-control?

  • Humble yourself.  Scripture tells us if we humble ourselves God will lift us up.  When we realize we aren’t always correct in our thoughts we are walking in a direction that will bring self-control to our lives.  The sooner we realize that without God’s help we are nothing the sooner we begin to control our lives.
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to mold you.  If we examine the fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23 we will find that self-control is in this listing.  At times we fear the thought of the Spirit.  In reality the Spirit is God.  The Holy Spirit is a gift from heaven.  Rather than fearing the Holy Spirit let us embrace Him as He dwells in us.
  • Realize God is bigger than you.  Sometimes we have an attitude that says, “It is my way or the highway.”  It is important that we obtain the proper prospective of life.  We are not here to be served but to serve.  It isn’t about me getting what I want.  It is about my bringing glory and honor to God.
  • Self-control demands putting it in God’s hands.  How easy it is to depend on self.  Scripture says, “Trust God and lean not on your own understanding.”  Maintaining self-control requires putting our trust in God. This goes against the humanity in all of us.

Self-control isn’t about fairness.  Self-control is about humility and understanding our place and purpose in life.  It really isn’t about me and what is fair.  It has always been about trusting God to work through us as we establish  relationship with Him.  It is essential we maintain self-control as we walk with the Spirit and not by the flesh.


6 Responses to Self-Control

  1. 1 Middle Man says:

    This is so timely…for good reason…that I can’t even begin to tell you. Thank you Holy Spirit for working through Dell. Blessings.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments.

  3. Ed Whittington says:

    What you do in your mind and spirit in the moment between long to listen and slow to speak will determine your level of self control. May God’s spirit control.

  4. Thanks Ed!

  5. Tony Henderson says:

    Dell, I would like to use this leason for our teens this coming Sunday. May I have your permission to use it. In Him, Tony

  6. Tony, absolutely. Any material I publish is available for the benefit of His kingdom. God bless.

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