Holy Spirit (conclusion)

This post is a conclusion of what I have  taught in the past few months concerning the Holy Spirit.  This study is by no means an end all in this important Study.  My hope is that you will use this as a beginning in finding God’s truths in regard to His Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is given as a gift from God for all believers.  As He indwells us He plays a role that is unique within the Godhead.  The responsibilities of the Spirit are basically two-fold.  He is given to allow us growth in our likeness of Christ.  As we mature as Christians the fruit of the Spirit becomes more prominent in our lives.  The Spirit also gifts individual Christians so that the local church may be built up.  This helps both Christians and churches to bear fruit for the Lord.  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 12-14 that Christians ought to seek gifts that build up the church.  The work and gifts of the Spirit  continue until the return of Jesus.

Without the Spirit we would become a sterile church.  1 Thessalonians 5:19 says we ought not quench the Spirit.  This requires that we as Christians  realize God is still operating in the lives of men today. The work of the Holy Spirit has not stopped. Let me state a couple of examples that will bring this point into clear focus:

  • When we pray we are asking God to directly intervene in the lives of mankind. Our hope is that God will change the course of things that would otherwise occur.  When God answers these prayers He does so through the power of His Holy Spirit.
  • When one becomes a Christian he begins a major journey.  If  he continues to mature through Spiritual growth he becomes more like Christ in his character and life.  This transformation is performed by the work of the Holy Spirit.  Each Christian develops within themselves the fruit of the Spirit.  This falls squarely within the role of the Holy Spirit.

It is important we realize the role of the Holy Spirit is alive and well in the lives of Christians and the work of the church today.  We should not assign to the Holy Spirit a role centered in emotionalism.  At the same time we ought not limit His responsibilities because we can’t explain how He accomplishes His task.  God has given His Spirit as our helper.  We should always center our minds on the fact we are to walk by and with the Spirit.


5 Responses to Holy Spirit (conclusion)

  1. Bill Pirtle says:

    While I agree with your written comments, and do enjoy them very much, I don’t fully understand what you mean by “We should not assign to the Holy Spirit a role centered in emotionalism.” Could you expand this a little? Thanks You.

    Blessings, –Bill

  2. 1 Middle Man says:

    Thank you for this important series…I am certain that it has been beneficial for many, and I hope that many more will read it and be blessed.

  3. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Bill, thanks for your comments. When I state “We should not assign to the Holy Spirit a role centered in emotionalism.” I am speaking in regard to the old adage, “better felt than heard.” It is important that we allow the Holy Spirit to fulfill his role but at the same time not allow ourselves to be filled with emotionalism rather than the actual gifts of the Spirit. If I can help in any additional ways please email me at williamokimberly(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thanks and God bless

  5. Matthew says:

    This is great that you are teaching on the Holy Spirit. I know people will be blessed.

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