What Has Been, Is Now, And Will Be

This Sunday is the beginning of our fifth year in Payson.  This church has been both an awesome work and a difficult one at the same time. 

It has been  awesome  because of the success enjoyed and the possibilities that exist for the future.  As we look  within the local church there are almost as many new faces as those who have been here for the long-term.  This is as it should be for any church doing God’s work in a local community.

This work has also been difficult for the following reasons:

  • This work has been a battle.    We are involved in a battle with Satan.  What God has Satan wants.  As progress has been made Satan has fought to stop that progress.  This battle hasn’t been with Satan entirely.  This battle has also been with ourselves.  It is sometimes hard to understand that it isn’t about what makes me happy.  It isn’t my church, it is the Lord’s church and it is about serving Him.
  • It has been difficult because it is hard to move off-center.  There are proven laws that tell us how difficult it is to change the direction of anything.  Only the foolish would believe that by doing the same things in the same way we will get different results.  Without  changing the direction of  emphasis held by this church or any church we will never see different results.  One of the most difficult task of any church is to change those values it tends to emphasize.  Our center like many churches has been the production of sameness.  One of the most difficult task we will face is changing our point of emphasis.
  • This work has been difficult because it has been about control and direction.  One of our biggest problems has been over who controls the direction of the church.  With any successful and faithful congregation the point of emphasis is set by the Lord.  That emphasis has to be concerned with making a difference within each given community.  This opens doors to preach Jesus.   The Messiah went about doing good as He lived  his life on this earth.  If we follow in His footsteps this must be our emphasis as well.  The Holy Spirit of God  has appointed certain men to serve as shepherds over local individual congregations.  It is within the hands of those elders to make sure proper direction is emphasized.  In our culture it is sometimes difficult to allow the elders the necessary control to properly take care of their responsibility. 

At times there are certain things that hinder.  Let’s examine some of these hindrances.

  • Personality differences.  Within any family atmosphere it isn’t unusual for there to be differences in personalities.  This is true in most church families.  As we grow there will be differences.  It is important that those differences not overcome the importance of the mission of the church.
  • Reluctance to buy into the process.  It isn’t unusual to reject change of any kind.  Unfortunately we tend to withhold our support of necessary change until we are absolutely positive this change will be successful.  Once members believe in and accept what is being done growth will naturally result.  In our everyday world we call this momentum. 
  • Individual problems. Any problem that causes us to  lose focus on the task at hand tends to hinder the work of the church.  Many times our personal or family problems take away from the energy necessary to build a church. 
  • Reluctance to submit to the Lordship of Christ and the oversight of the eldership. Our western culture tends to demand each individual be in charge.  We want things our way.  We will even go so far as to clothe our desires  to control the church under the guise of “truth” or “doctrine”.  We don’t do “following” well.

It is important we not miss the point that this church like most churches has tremendous potential.  We have the ability to  turn this city upside down.  The Lord has made us many promises.  Based on these promises our potential to do His work is only limited by our willingness to believe these promises.

It isn’t unusual to talk about being committed to Christ.  We need a deep committment to serving the Lord and building relationship with him.  We also need a different committment.  We need members who are committed to this local church family.  Each church is autonomous.  As a result, it is necessary  we have members who are committed to their local church family.  Every congregation needs the strength brought about by the unity of committment to the local church.  The decision we make to commit to both Christ and this local church will determine what has been, is now, and will be.


2 Responses to What Has Been, Is Now, And Will Be

  1. Royce says:

    It is very easy both as a group and individually to want to work toward our agenda at the expense of God’s. Examples abound of just such folly.

    Today I ran across a video that I encourage anyone who wants to have a church on God’s track and time table to see.
    You can watch it here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAJufPLVjeI&feature=player_embedded )

    Dell, I appreciate your heart for God’s people and His kingdom. I am praying that you and your people will walk with God and see His glory in the church.


  2. Thanks Royce It is almost expected that we find a church that matches our agenda. Christ has set the point of emphasis for His church. It is essential that our direction match the point of emphasis the Lord has set.

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