Liberal or Conservative? (A Repeat)

I am reposting this article after several requests.  Our desire ought to be to see no church as progressive or conservative but rather  just Biblical.

Please enjoy!!

signliberal_conservativeThese terms are often thrown about in a reckless way.  Religiously is it better to be a conservative or a liberal?  Truthfully this depends on the circumstances.  If we are talking about giving we want to be a liberal.  If we are talking about our view of doctrine we generally want to be viewed as conservative.  Really when it comes to either wouldn’t it be better to just be considered Biblical?

Normally, most conservatives would view themselves as “scriptural” and view the liberal as “unscriptural.”  On the other hand someone who considered themselves as “progressive” or “liberal”  would consider themselves as scriptural and conservatives as bound up in legalism.  Is there room for both camps in the church of our Lord?  I would say a resounding YES!  Our definitions have very little to do with the thoughts of God.  God will be judge not man, it isn’t in our hands.

Let me give you something to think about.  The definitions of  “liberal” or “conservative” really have little meaning.  These definitions are determined by the individual using them.  For one they mean one thing for another person they may mean something entirely different. 

I don’t want to be referred to as liberal, progressive, legalistic or even conservative.  I only want to be referred to as Biblical.  My mission is not to determine by human wisdom the correct Greek tense or to break down the Biblical books like a Philadelphia lawyer.  My responsibility is to preach Jesus and to share that lifestyle to those under the realm of my influence.

For many years I have stated that there wasn’t a dimes worth of difference in liberal and conservative.  Most of the time the conservative view  is thought to bind what God has not bound.  We may call this conservative but when we bind what God has not bound we are really liberal with His Word.  On the other hand those considered liberal are considered such because they are thought to loose what God has not loosed.  If this is the case they are being liberal with God’s Word.  In reality whether you bind what God has not bound (conservative) or loose what God has not loosed (liberal)  you cannot be pleasing to God.  Conservative or liberal really doesn’t matter.  Let us just be Biblically centering our work on preaching Jesus as Lord and following Him as the lifestyle we show to the world.


2 Responses to Liberal or Conservative? (A Repeat)

  1. Brad Adcock says:

    I’ve been on facebook too long; I keep looking for the ‘Like’ button. 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more, Dell. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks I appreciate the encouragement.

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