What Can We Do To Best Serve God?

One of the things we fail to understand is the basic premise that all was created for God’s pleasure.  From the beginning of creation this has been true.  Even the creation of man was for God’s pleasure.  Man was created in the image of God in order that relationship could exist between God and man.

Satan’s intent was to change God’s original creation.  Satan appeared in the garden for this purpose.  Satan convinced Eve it was more important she please herself than please God.  This basic thought started in the garden, continued through the prophets, and continues even in the church today.  This thought has become so ingrained into our culture that man tends to abuse religion.  The question has become, “What can God do for me?” 

Let me demonstrate what I mean.  If a couple with children move to a new city, they begin to look for a congregation which has  a strong “youth program.”  I dare not condemn the concern for the children.  We need to be concerned for our children, but is this the proper trait we look for in a church?  A second couple moves to the same city.  They have no children so instead of looking for a strong “youth program” they seek a church with a strong group of young professionals.  A third family moves to this city.  They are a mature couple.  They seek a “sound church” with traditional values and direction.  This couple seeks a congregation that has a preacher presenting the same type sermons and values to which they have grown accustomed.  In similar circumstances we might make some of these same choices.  On the surface none of these choices are bad within themselves.  The problem lies with the reason we make these choices.

Initially Satan convinced Eve that it was more important that she be pleased that she please God.  This same thought has adapted with time but continues to be supplanted in the thoughts of man even today.  The prominent question shouldn’t be, “Which church meets my needs?”  The most important question ought to be, “Where can I best serve God?

When our president took office earlier this year he stated that he wanted to fundamentally change America.  If I may adapt the thought to religious matters, we must fundamentally change the way we view religion.  It isn’t what can this church or that church do for me.  The fundamental thought needs to be, “Where can I best serve the Lord.”

Friends it isn’t about what I want nor if I get my way.  We aren’t looking for churches that give us what we want.  We are looking for opportunities to bring praise and glory to God.  We are looking for a place we can best serve our Lord.  Please hear these words,  It isn’t my church it is His.  It isn’t about what meets my desire it is about what service I can offer to God.  It isn’t about getting my way, it is about finding a way to connect those who are lost with the saving grace of the saviour.  Satan fundamentally changed our views in the garden.  It is time that we allow the gospel to funamentally change things back to the way God intended.  The most important question a believer can ask is this, “What can we do to best serve God?


4 Responses to What Can We Do To Best Serve God?

  1. Wayne McDaniel says:


    I appreciate you raising the qr., “Where can I best serve God?” From what I read in the NT, it appears the earliest disciples would answer in their gatherings, by speaking back and forth to each other (Acts 20:7&9,dialogue), provoking each other to love by both speaking and acting from that motive. Paul desired ALL of the Corinthians to speak for God, 1 Cor.14:24-25.

    If those who have not yet believed on the Lord saw disciples speaking back and forth to each other in love, some would want to enter such a family. With such interactions, churches would BE true families.

    Jesus said that out of the heart, we speak,Lk. 6:45. If our heart is full of pride, it becomes clear, as in, “God, I thank thee that I am not as the rest of men…”. Dialogue roots out hypocrisy. Praying aloud is even more telling, for we are either aware of our need for mercy, or we are not.

  2. Wayne, thanks for reading and sharing.

  3. bradstanford says:

    Yes, yes, and amen! This is God’s story, not ours. It is way past time for us to die to ourselves and follow God. Perhaps Jesus would say today, if you’re attached to a church that is caught up in politics, and mired in tradition, cut it off! It’s way past time for the American church to mature. It’s time to forget about ourselves and take ground for the Kingdom! If a person looking for a church will go through the exercise of asking God where they need to go, they will be blessed with God’s answer, they will learn more about the sound of His voice, and they will in turn bless the church they are led to.

    Thanks for the post! And keep writing, teaching, and preaching as God directs. It is food for the spirit!

  4. Thanks Brad.

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