From the Front Porch


The past two weeks have been interesting.  I have managed to survive a bout with the flu.  We have learned we will have a new grandson by this time next week.  His name will be Jaxson Colt Kimberly.  Kevin assured me that his name sake wasn’t Colt McCoy since we are huge Alabama fans.  As fine a young man as Mr. McCoy has shown himself to be I think we could have made an exception this once.

If this weren’t enough, Arizona has become Alaska, at least around Payson.  This picture was taken from my phone while standing on my front porch.  I think I like summer time better.  How about you?


2 Responses to From the Front Porch

  1. Carol says:

    Having lived in colorado mountains, I believe right now I prefer the snow. I know the sun will soon shine after the snow but we go days on end without seeing the sun. I’ll take the mountains.

  2. Robbi loves the snow and mountains as well. Maybe it’s a “woman thing”.

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