Looking Like the Father

I just got back into Payson last night.  I spent the last two weeks back east getting acquainted with my second grandson.  While we were there we spent a great deal of time trying to determine who Jaxon favored most.  As  grandparents  we always want our grandchildren to share some of our family characteristics. 

Families have certain characteristics that are unique to that family.  There was a time when my son was about 15 and my dad was still alive when no one could tell who was answering the phone.  They didn’t know if it was Kevin, me, or my dad.  The characteristics of our voices were so close we could even fool family members.  There is a certain way that Kevin and I sit that is unique to our family.  My father and grandfather sat in the same way.  It isn’t unusual for families to share certain traits and qualities.  In fact it would be unusual if we did not share these likenesses.  Those of you who knew my dad and know my son can testify to the fact that there are certain physical similarities that we share.  Family members ought to have character qualities which are similar.

As Christians we ought to share family qualities with God the Father.  When we become Christians we are born again.  Born this time into the family of God.  We become heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus.  As family members there are some things that ought to be similar.

Some Characteristics are immediate and some are developed over time.  When one becomes God’s child he immediately receives some blessings that go with being in the family.  Things like forgiveness of sin and God’s dwelling in us are immediate blessings given to family members.  Some Characteristics such as those in Galatians 5:22 develop over time.  Regardless as Christians we ought to look more like the Father every day.

Let’s consider a few of the characteristics we ought to share with our Father:

  • An Overwhelming Love for Souls
  • Complete Integrity
  • A Willingness to Listen
  • A Desire to do What is Best for Mankind.
  • A Knowledge that What we Have to Offer Makes Lives Better

We could list many qualities we ought to share with the Father.  These are sufficient for us to understand that it is only natural for children to resemble the Father.  What is true in the physical world is also true in the Spiritual world.  Christians need to look more like the Father everyday.


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