Ephesians 1:13-14

This week a good friend of mine asked the following question:  He asked, “What do you understand Paul to be teaching about the Holy Spirit in Ephesians 1:13?  This was my answer:

  • In regard to your question,  the word “sealed” is translated from a Greek word  which means to mark with a seal.  The seal God uses to mark us is the Holy Spirit.  I don’t think you can get a proper understanding of this verse unless you examine it in view of the next verse.  Verse 14 tells us  this seal is the Holy Spirit. He is also a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance.  A deposit is a small measure of a greater promise that is to come.  When we buy a house we put down a deposit. We might deposit $10,000 promising to pay $250,000 at a future date. This deposit is a smaller amount of what we will get in greater measure at a future date.  The Holy Spirit represents God’s seal or signature. The gift of the Holy Spirit is God’s mark guaranteeing his promise of heaven.  It is His deposit guaranteeing a greater blessing still in the future.  We understand the future blessing to be heaven.  What we sometimes fail to grasp in this analogy is that God’s deposit of the Holy Spirit brings just a “small part of heaven” into our present lives.  This “deposit” guarantees us a larger portion is coming down the road.  He does this through the various blessings He brings to our lives as the Holy Spirit dwells in us. 

What does this mean for the Christian today?  When we obey today does God still mark us as belonging to Him?  Does the truth taught by Paul in Ephesians 1 still have application in our lives today?  The answer to the last two questions is an undeniable yes!  A portion of the work of the Holy Spirit is to give us assurance.  God wants us to know that we belong to Him.  He further wants us to know that our salvation is sure. This doesn’t mean that we cannot fall.  It does mean that God intends our salvation be something we can be sure of at any given time.  God accomplishes this by marking us with His Spirit.

God has given us His Spirit as a deposit of the blessings He will give us in the future.  Every gift the Spirit brings our way is a small portion of the type blessing we will get in the hereafter.  As the Spirit dwells within us He continues to bless our lives along the way.  We fail to see the deposit of God because we fail to look for His blessings.  Part of the purpose of the indwelling of the Spirit is to assure us of the blessings that are yet to come.  He does that by continuing to be God’s seal upon us.  As our seal the Holy Spirit remains a deposit of a glorious future for the child of God.  When you put your Saviour on in baptism you receive the indwelling of the Spirit as a marvelous assurance of God’s gracious promises.


5 Responses to Ephesians 1:13-14

  1. Milton says:

    Your complete answer added to the thoughts you gave me. Thank you and God bless.

  2. Milton you remain a great friend. I feel I ought to be asking answers of you. You will always remain an inspiration to my Spiritual life. God bless you and Charlotte.

  3. D. Dieterle says:

    One of my favorite verses has always been Hebrew 10:14 -“because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”

  4. Jan says:

    I’ve never heard it explained better!

  5. Thanks Jan.

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