Do You Really Trust God?

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by circumstances that you considered unpleasant?  This is the situation the Israelites were in when God raised Moses up as leader to take them out of Egyptian bondage.  God heard the cry of His people and provided them a way out.  God will provide us with the same escape if we will trust Him.

What does it look like to truly trust God?  We hear many say  I trust God.  Are they telling the truth?  Do we really place our trust in God?  I hope that we do.  There are certain signs which allow us to know if we trust God completely.  The following is a partial list of some of the signs we see when we place our lives in the hands of our Lord:

  • When we truly trust God we are willing to obey Him.  True trust in God demands that we obey the things He asks of us.  We do not obey in order to earn His rewards.  We obey because we trust that the promises God has made to us are already secure.  We obey because of what God has already done in our behalf.
  • When we trust God we allow Him control over our lives.  One of the most difficult things for us to do as mankind is to place control of our lives in God’s hands.  We tend to do our best to control all  the variables.  We want to be in charge.  We want to manipulate the circumstances in order to get what we want.  It is a difficult thing to say, “God you are in charge, do with me as you wish.” Often we want God to sanction our plans rather than fitting us into His plans.  If something is God’s will why would we fight against it?  If it isn’t in His plans why would we try to force it?
  • When we trust God we listen to Him rather than man.  As a minister of God’s Word I am always fighting the temptation to say those things which please my brethren.  We are often tempted to go along so we can get along.  It isn’t my brethren that I should be seeking to please.  My responsibility is to please God.  Too often as a result of our listening to man rather than God we preachers practice the “don’t ask don’t tell policy”.  If you don’t ask I won’t tell.  My responsibility isn’t to please the brethren.  As Christians our responsibility is to please the Father.  If we truly trust Him it is God to whom we listen and seek to please.
  • If I trust God I will place Him first in my life.  In this land of plenty I’m not sure we always understand the concept of putting God first in our lives.  We live in a “me culture”.  We turn inward rather than reaching out or up.  Placing God first in our lives requires allowing God to direct our footsteps rather than our making the decisions.  There are major events that I want to take place in my life in the future.  The most difficult temptation that I presently face is the temptation to have a hand in forcing these things to happen as I want them to happen and when I want them to happen.  I would love to be near my grandsons.  The truth of the matter is, I’m not sure what God has in mind for me in Payson.  He desire may be for me to do many more things at this place.  My responsibility is to allow God to use me as He sees fit.   It is difficult to say, “God it is in your hands let me walk in your will.”  This is exactly what trusting in God requires.  Do you think Paul wanted God to open doors that God didn’t open?  We know that he did.  Paul didn’t force his desire, he turned it over to God.

Do you trust God totally with your life?  It is only after we place control of our life in God’s hands that we truly walk in His will.  It isn’t about me or you.  It is about allowing God to work through us as He sees fit.  It is about allowing God to direct our steps as we serve Him.


6 Responses to Do You Really Trust God?

  1. Wayne McDaniel says:


    Your article expresses the humility of a sincere heart. Your open-hearted words will have a godly influence upon all who read them. Being truthful about our hearts is our ongoing challenge. Differences about the content of our meetings can be a diversion from sincere self-examination. Most of us obey 1 John 5:16 very infrequently, if at all.

    May the Lord make his will for your service clear to you.

  2. Royce says:

    Excellent! I appreciate the kind and gracious way you present truth. Keep up the good work!


  3. Thanks to both Wayne and Royce for the kind words. Our responsibility is to preach Jesus as God sees fit to use us. Sometimes our wants gets in the way. May we always have the courage to trust God.

  4. christina says:

    I know a preacher that says he knew he was suppose to be a preacher, but he wanted to wait and do everything his way instead of God’s way. But his life wasn’t going right(for 20 years), he finally gave eveything to God, and now he’s a preacher/elder/missionary. His two sons are preacher/missionaries, and his daughter is married to a preacher/missionary. He said finally letting God take over was the best thing that ever happened to him. You already know my story telling God to do what was needed for me now. And He has. Thanks for the lesson. Christina

  5. Thanks Christina!

  6. John Park says:

    Nice article! It is true that people want to control their own life, it’s a pride thing. Until we humble ourselves and realize that we actually do not know what’s best for us and that God does, our lives will not end the way God intended it to for us. We can just look around and see that man’s plan does not work, but God’s will. All anyone has to do is read the Old Testament to see what happens when God is in control and when man is in control. God Bless You

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