A Servant’s Heart

There have been mountains of material written on church growth.  Some of it is worthwhile some of it not.  This brings us to a primary question, “How do you build up the church of our Lord?”  The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Some would tell you one thing while others would tell you something entirely different.   How do you build up the church?

This answer depends on the circumstances surrounding each given church.  We must find a way to connect with the community surrounding us.  Those from the community don’t usually care about your doctrine.  They want to know what is in it for them. Perhaps they are looking for a strong youth program.  Some might look for a dynamic worship assembly.  What the general public is looking for could lie in a thousand different directions.  What is the common link all people look for when turning to God?

Regardless of anything else the community looks for, they want a church with a servant’s heart.  Exactly what does a church or a christian look like when they have a servant’s heart? Let me share a few commonalities that those with a servant’s heart possess:

  • They look like Jesus. If we are following in the footsteps of Jesus, we will look like the Christ.  Scripture tells us that Jesus went about doing good.  Churches and Christians that follow Jesus will look for an opportunity to do good.
  • They put God first.  This is a commitment issue.  If we put God first then our lives will display this attitude.  Everything we do centers around our decision to commit to Him.
  • They love their neighbor as themselves. Jesus named this as one of the two most important attributes of Christianity.  If we love our those who are our neighbors as ourselves we find ways to connect with them so that we might share Jesus.
  • They have an attitude that matches who they are. Those who possess a servant’s heart are children of the king. The are ambassadors of Christ and God dwells in them.  These are individuals who do the little things right.  When we get the little things right, the big things fall into place.

When I started school I began my education in a two room school.  At some point early in my education process I learned a very valuable lesson.  We came back on a Monday and someone had cut a big Oak tree in the school yard.  They had placed a board over the fallen tree.  We had no playground equipment so this immediately became the center of our recess activities.  I learned almost immediately that a “little boy” didn’t sit across from a “larger boy.”  If you did problems began almost immediately.  The second thing I learned was if you put enough “little boys” across from the “larger boy” you could lift him up.

If individual Christians can possess a servant’s heart in enough instances, eventually that church reaches a point where it can turn the world upside down. At some point the church reaches the “tipping point” and everything changes. Every church has a point where it becomes the dominant force in a community. Where is your congregations “tipping point” and what part do you play in bringing this about?


7 Responses to A Servant’s Heart

  1. As the saying goes, folks “don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care,” thankfully, has been proven to be true over and over in our lives. I thank the Lord for His priority of sharing His love and salvation with us through His Son…may we, ultimately, continue to grow in understanding and in the implementing of love as the priority in our own lives.

  2. christina says:

    As I shared with you earlier, in Africa some of the churches build orphanages first in cities that don’t have a church and build up God’s work from there. In Brazil, they have soccer/ Bible studies. It doesn’t matter how you grow it as long as you grow it with God leading your heart.

  3. Jerry Weldon says:

    Always good to hear from you. You talk about building up a church. Wow…what a subject hu? There are many answers and you are correct the location, people etc. make a difference. I would disagree with Christina a little by saying..”it does matter how you grow.” This is our problem today. We have left the apostle’s doctrine and substituted watered down version of truth wrapped in unconditional love that requires nothing of the people we share the good news with. God’s love is unconditional but His acceptance is very much conditional. I do not believe she was implying all this but just wanted to add that at the beginning. (Not looking for an argument.) Charlie Hodge used to say “The good news is first bad news.” Jesus had to die to bring us salvation. He requires that we obey Him. (John 14:15 and Luke 6:46 plus Matthew 7;21-23)
    What are the churches that ARE growing doing that we are not. Many are intertaining people into the pews.
    Jesus didn’t give people what they wanted…He gave them what they needed. He share the GOOD NEWS… (positive) But he didn’t play with the folks either. I never remember Jesus begging anyone to follow Him…do you? He did say that He was among them as one who served. I think you are right on target with this “servant church” thing. (Luke 22:27)But even from those he served he required obedience!
    Paul on the other had said that he “I beseeched you or beg you…” Rom.12:1… I’ve begged a many in my day. Most of which kept going in the same direction they were traveling.
    What I am trying to say is that there is a solid sure fire way of growing the church. The only way that a church will grow and sustain the growth is through Redemptive Relationships. Friend and families working on friends and family. Sure the church needs to dress up, clean up and put it’s best foot forward….meaning that the singing, preaching etc needs to be good. The building and it’s location can bring them in or turn the away. You will have the most success with those you have the most influence with. People will only let you go as far as the influence will allow.
    It is silly to think we are going to draw people who do not know us.
    Redemptive Relationships does everything it does in view of eternity. The relationships people have can be cultivated and those folks brought to Christ.
    Traning the troops is a must..for they need to know where to begin and go from there…….
    I was reminded this past week from listening to a preacher about how to get more prospects to teach. He said it was a three point process. He said…” If we want to have prospects to teach ..we must #1. Pray that God will send us prospects. …and #2 if we want more folks to study the word with…we must PRAY FOR MORE PROSPECTS TO COME INTO OUR LIVES…..AND finally if we want more prospects to teach and share the good news with we MUST….PRAY FOR GOD TO SEND US MORE.
    I started praying that day………..This was three days ago….as of today……..I have two more people that I will be sharing the gospel with starting this week. Today is Tuesday. One is set for Friday and the other will be Wed. or Thurs.
    If you do not want to have folks in your life to study with …don’t pray and for goodness sake do not look around to see them.
    The problem is not in the how too…s of church growth. Our problem has always been and will always be a FAITH problem.
    Love you man……Boy I am glad I got that off my chest..ha!!

  4. Thanks guys for your thoughts.

  5. Jerry Weldon says:

    Your comment is invalid and couldn’t be read.

  6. Thanks Jerry Ill try again. I said, “thanks guys for your thoughts”.

  7. christina says:

    Mr. Weldon,
    Like you said, no arguements. What I meant was only that as long as you preach what God wants you to preach, go to the people and get the people in to listen to what god has to say. In Zimbabwe, they take hundreds of pamphlets and walk for miles in a number of weeks to invite people to church. Some of the churches they go to are 4 logs stuck in the ground with a roof. And benches under the roof. The people bring the song books with them. And they are the same songbooks we use, I know I shipped a couple hundred over there to a few of the churches. And yes in the main cities they have regular buildings, not as nice as what we have, but they are buildings. In a small town in Brazil, some missionaries from America got the givernment to let them sponsor a Bible study/ soccer team. They have Bible study with the kids and they have a famous soccer player come and coach the kids. This has brought several families to the Lord. And it had to do with kindness, and helping kids reach their goals, but these kids have to live with morals and their parents have to fill out reports weekly on how they behave at home. The kids know that they will be kicked off the team if they misbehave too much. A lot of these kids had a 100% turn around in their behavior and have gotten the rest of their family to go to church. That church has since doubled in size. And it had nothing to do with what the building looked like, it had to do with what happened outside the building, (infact the services were in someone’s house for a while.) The fact that they reached out and taught Christ to others is what grew the church. They just had to go out of the building. In the United States, I know people want to go to the prettiest, biggest building. But that’s not what church is. Church is people. Dell, if you remember in Albertville when we had the tent revival in the Foodland parking lot, more people came to that than ever came into the building. Some people won’t enter a building until they find out what it’s about. You have to get out of the building to get people to come into the building. I know I just write and write and write, but, I believe most of Christ’s work happens outside the building. The building is where we meet to worship, not work. Mark 16: 15 Jesus said, go into all the world and preach… He didn’t say sit in a building and wait for someone to come to you. Jesus did miracles to get people’s attention then he preached and they followed. We have to get people’s attention, preach Christ, and then they will see, and follow Christ. I believe when people figure out it’s not the building that makes a church it’s the people, then the church will grow. Thanks for letting me say my piece. Christina

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