Monday evening I preached in the lectureship held by the Apache Junction Church of Christ.  I really enjoyed the evening.  There is nothing like preaching for a church who enjoys preaching Christ with a passion for truth.  This was a terrific evening.  I can’t remember when I have had a more enjoyable time preaching Jesus than this past Monday night.  To those at Apache Junction responsible for the invitation, many thanks!!


2 Responses to Wow!

  1. Wayne McDaniel says:

    I’m glad you had a great time with the brethren in Apache Junction. I recall you mentioning preaching there last Spring. If I had known you were preaching there, I would have tried to come from North Phx.

    Please ask the brethren in AJ to notify the Northwest church of Christ in Phx., in advance of next year’s gathering. The church website is: .

  2. Rose Lewis says:

    Glad you enjoyed spending the evening with us. We enjoyed you and Robbie so much. Everyone is looking forward to doing it again next year. Wayne: It’s the last full week in March every year. Give me a call at the church to make sure I’ve got your address. Every year I send flyers to all the churches. God bless you all,

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