Touching Lives

This week I visited with Edna Shaw.  Edna has been a christian since 1980.  For the last few years she has not been as faithful as she would like to have been.  As I spoke with her Thursday she expressed a desire to be back in fellowship with the Lord.  We prayed with her and for her.

We talked about many things.  Among the things we talked about was her desire to use the rest of her life to touch as many lives for Christ as she possibly could.  Edna has cancer and only has a limited amount of time on this earth.  I think it incredible that she wants to use the time she has to touch lives.  It was awesome to see her today worshipping, lifting up the name of God in praise.  Praise God for His awesome power.  If God has the power to roll away the stone and raise his Son, He has the power to change our lives if we let him.

Thank you Edna for your love for the Lord and your desire to touch as many for Jesus as you can in your remaining days.  May we grow from your example!


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