Oh What A Day!

Today was the first day Robbi and I had the privilege of worshipping with our grandson Jaxon.  We had been with both our grandsons  from Thursday night until early this morning. I had hoped  Drennen, our older grandson, would be at worship with us as well.  Drennen was born in November and Jaxon was born this past January.  It made me sad but Drennen had to go home this morning.

As I was holding Jaxon during worship I was overwhelmed with emotion.  It is almost beyond my ability to describe.  I was flooded with feelings I had never experienced.  Try as I might I struggled to keep my mind from wandering.  Certainly it wasn’t the fault of those leading our praise.  Worship was awesome but, I kept thinking about the future as well as the past.  For the future, what would Jax become?  Would he be a preacher or perhaps a shepherd? What did God have in mind for this little man?  Concerning the past, could I have done a better job providing an example of what a father ought to be? 

As I held my grandson I thought of the many Scriptures that dealt with raising children.  Thirty years ago Robbi and I were sitting where Julie and Kevin are sitting today.  I remembered the struggles we faced to instill the principles of God into  the hearts of our children.  I recalled praying that some  set of parents would raise their child in such a way their child would become  the perfect mate for our child.  I thought about the first Sunday I was preaching in  Sand Rock.  I remember looking at the teenagers seated on the first four rows and thinking that sitting in that group might be our future son-in-law or daughter-in-law.

As I looked into the eyes of this little man I couldn’t help but think that Kevin and Julie are traveling the difficult road of raising a child in the path of God.  I want so much to take away the struggles.  In some ways I wish that Jaxon could go to sleep tonight a baby and wake up tomorrow a mature man.  If I could just share the things I have learned in life with this grandson of mine.  If I could I would protect him from the hurts, the temptations, the hard times of being a child.  I realize if I did this I might take away some of the hard times but  he would miss the innocence of being a child.  Not even a grandfather has the right to take that away.

As much as I would like to put my arms around Jaxon and protect him I realize that the best any of us can do is to provide a proper example for him to follow.  My prayer is that Julie and Kevin will instill in him a deep and abiding knowledge of God.  I hope I live to see the day Jaxon is mature enough to walk in his relationship with God.  The hope of my heart is that Jaxon will allow God to be his rock and his shield as he commits his life to Him. 

Jaxon you are always in my heart and I will forever offer your name in prayer before our Lord.


One Response to Oh What A Day!

  1. Karla Kimberly Scrivner says:

    Thought I would look at your blogg today… Drennen had to go to his church 😦 Jaxon is such a sweet, precious baby and so blessed to have many prayers and dreams over him and such a wonderful mommy and daddy.Our family has been given many little miracles in the last few months. Maybe one of the next times you could come to Drennen’s church 🙂

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