Is It Important To Connect?

Do we believe  preaching Jesus to those who are lost is the most important task facing us today?  I hope we do.  Jesus told us in the gospels, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  Without Jesus being preached the world is not changed. Without the “good news” all remain in bondage.  If all remain in bondage there is no future and no hope.  All hope for today and for tomorrow rests in Jesus.

Are the words I have just written things we believe?  If we believe these words, our most important task in sharing the gospel is connecting. If we can’t connect what value is our message?  In the event we are not connecting we must change.

What do we mean by the term connect? We mean we must be able to find common ground with those we are attempting to teach. Paul said he became all things to all men so that by some means he might win some.  Paul was willing to adapt in order that he have opportunity to share Jesus with the masses.  Do we have the right to do any less?

The most important task facing any church, any preacher, or any christian is making sure that Jesus is preached effectively to as many people as possible. The primary thought becomes, “How do we most effectively connect with as many as we can in order to share the message of our saviour?”

Allow me to offer a few suggestions we might consider as we go about the master’s business. Certainly you will be able to add others.  These are by no means all the things we could name. These are only a place to begin.

  • Avoid an attitude of arrogance. Obviously we believe that the things we hold dear about God are correct.  Yet it is important to be careful that we not come across as all-knowing and all-wise.  An arrogant attitude will close the ears of those who need to hear God’s message. Those who possess an arrogant heart tend to believe they live on higher ground than others. They don’t want to lower themselves to the level of other people. They want other people to come to them.  This builds an attitude that says, “If we preach it they will come.”  Unfortunately, they won’t come. We have to find ways to go to them.
  • Don’t assume we are all starting at the same place.  I visited my children recently. As I was driving I passed a church building.  On their sign it read, “This is a Bible-driven church.”  If you were part of the fellowship of that given group this sign made perfect sense.  To the stranger driving by it could mean many different things.  If we are going to connect we must start by making sure we are beginning at the same place.
  • Be willing to listen.  There was a reason God gave us two ears and only one tongue.  We ought to listen twice as much as we talk!  If we are going to connect we must know where to meet our listeners.  Twenty-five years ago I was preaching in Arkansas.  Landon Saunders was preaching a revival for the church I was serving.  As a young preacher I was lucky to be able to spend time listening to him.  Landon told me  when he went into a new community  the first thing he did was spend time finding the needs of that community. Once he knew the needs he had a place to begin or as we might say today, a place to connect.
  • Care about people.  This suggestion might seem insignificant on the surface. In reality it may be among the most important of all suggestions. Is it possible that we don’t love our neighbors as we ought?  Our religious neighbors are not our enemies.  The people in our cities who do not share our faith in Jesus still possess souls.  These are people who are of infinite value.  Jesus wept over Jerusalem.  Do you weep over your respective cities?  If you see the value of people you will find a way to connect.

Think about this.  A young man sees a young lady he wants to date.  The young man will spend time finding out as much as he can about her.  If he has friends in common he will use their influence to bring them together.  If he learns she is going to be at a certain place he will make sure he is there as well.  When he is around her he will do all he can to impress her. What do we call this process? We might be tempted to say he has lost his mind!  Really all this young man is trying to do is find common ground. He is trying to find a way to connect. If we really believe in what we are doing shouldn’t we spend the same effort to connect for Jesus?


4 Responses to Is It Important To Connect?

  1. Tim Archer says:

    Excellent points. I think we sometimes leave evangelism to the “experts,” when the most important things are things that any of us can do.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. Thanks Tim, God never makes His work hard. Thanks for the comment.

  3. christina says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  4. Thanks Christina!

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