Pepperdine – It’s Friday!

There is so much to share.  From the opening night through yesterday I haven’t heard a discouraging remark.  Last night Randy Harris delivered a heart stirring message.  It reminded me of more than thirty years ago at IBC aka Heritage Christian University in Florence Alabama when the emphasis at the workshop there was always on evangelism.  Randy ended with the question, “Who will take the message to the one who is praying as Cornelius was praying?”  He had prefaced the question with the thought that it wasn’t really about the issues we sometimes think it’s about.  It is really about sharing the message of the cross.  Thanks Randy! You are dead on right! 

This week is always one of  the highlights of my year.  As a preacher I need this week.  This one has been no different.  I have come away with so many nuggets of truth.  We need the encouragement, the fellowship and the knowing that there are others who face the same struggles, the same fights and the same values.  To Jerry Rushford and all those who make efforts like this possible throughout the world may I shout a heartfelt THANK YOU!!


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