What…..Me Judge?

For years the most popular verse from Scripture was John 3:16.  You could see it everywhere.  We saw signs displaying it at ballgames, in malls, at political rallies, and almost anywhere a crowd of people gathered.  Today that verse has been replaced.  As a preacher I hear many Scriptures either quoted or more likely alluded to.  Hands down the most popular Scripture in the minds of men today is Matthew 7:1.  “Judge not that you be not judged.”  We have suddenly developed a deep concern over the unnecessary judgement of another.

If we are going to quote this verse it might be worthwhile if we knew a little about the context of this popular Scripture.  Jesus had delivered a long discourse discussing a number of things that continue to be problems in the lives of many  today.  He brings this to a close by stating we ought not judge or we too will be judged.  For in the same way you judge others you too will be judged.  We need to understand  Jesus was not universally banning judgment. What Jesus was telling was this:  proper judgement takes discernment.

Judgement has a place when the restoration of another is the aim.  Our purpose in judgement has to be the preservation of others.  This takes discernment.  In John 8 when the woman caught in adultery was brought before Jesus those who brought her were not concerned with her preservation.  They were only concerned with trapping Jesus.  Our Lord made a simple statement.  He said, “Let him that is without sin cast the first stone.” Scripture tells us  from the eldest to the youngest they left.  When only the woman was left Jesus asked, “Woman where are your accusers?”  When she told him they were gone he told her, “Then neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.”  Jesus exercised judgement without condemnation. Jesus purpose with this woman was preservation of her soul.  This ought be our purpose as we deal with each other.

Judgement has no place when restoration in not the aim.  Too often we judge others to make ourselves look better.  This ought not be a consideration.  If we aren’t attempting to restore we ought not judge.  Many years ago I heard my father make this statement.  Dad said, “If you can’t be part of the solution don’t be part of the problem.”  Many times our judgement of others becomes part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Please consider these suggestions on how we might judge appropriately:

  • Know the things God has spoken about in a clear manner.  Romans 14 deals with these things.  Too often what we consider to be absolute rock solid unchangeable doctrine are really things that reside in the realm of “disputable matters.” Make sure God is concerned before you become involved.
  • Be careful not to pass judgment on another based on disputable matters. It is important that we give the other person the benefit of the doubt.  Show wisdom in these matters.  Everything is not a salvation issue. Some things do not require that everything be done exactly the same.  Before you get involved make sure it matters.
  • Give the other person the benefit of the doubt we want extended to ourselves. We often judge others actions while judging our own intent.  We need to deal with others as we want to be judged.
  • Am I willing to allow myself to be judged by others? If I am will not allow others to judge my actions I have no right to judge others.
  • Judgement begins at home. We need to evaluate our own lives first.  Before I remove the speck from my brother’s eye, first I must remove the log from my own eye.  I can’t help others until I get me right.

Judgement is a serious matter.  God does not forbid judgement under the right set of circumstances. God  requires discernment on our part. Our purpose in judgement must always be that of restoration or preservation. Any purpose less is not worthy in the eyes of our Lord.


One Response to What…..Me Judge?

  1. christina says:

    People who live the alternative lifestyles seem to quote this the most saying that Christians don’t even listen to Jesus because they are judging us for how we live. And a lot has to do with how we do go about trying to tell these people they shouldn’t live that way. If yo read in the old testament the kings went out to the sodomite villages and wiped them out and God was happy. Jesus has a different way for us to “wipe out” sodomy if we would just listen and quit just saying it’s wrong. God has in the new testament already listed the sins that he has judged mankind for that will condemn us. There’s a reason it’s called an alternative lifestyle. The laws of man that we go by come from the ten commandments, stealing, killing, lieing, etc… and in the new testament homosexuality is listed right there with those, including the drunkards, etc…, so why don’t we let murderers, and liars, and thiefs go live their alternayive lifestyles? Because Mankind thinks he came up with those rules, but the homosexuality sin is the only sin that supposedly has to do with religion. As Christians when are we going to wake up and say I will not tolerate my child being taught “it’s ok to be gay!” That’s what Nickelodeon, MTV, and other stations are teaching our children. The gay community wanted Bert and Ernie to be gay, Good thing Sesame Street didn’t go for it. Several cartoons that show the alternative lifestyle have been shown. They want equal rights. Homosexuality is not a RACE of people to be given rights to. They are not a race of people period. It’s a group that wants others to have to let them go out and sin and not have any repercussions for their alternative lifestyle. Yes, this is the 21st century. Does the Bible change just because the year does? I think not. To God sin is sin,ther are no levels, there are no we should tolerate one sin against another.When our country was founded there were laws against homosexuality, there still are in some states. What we should do is show them that God has alraedy judged your sins that you are living and we would like for you to change so you can be in Heaven with the rest of us who do live the way God wants us to. Isn’t this how it’s done when we go do jail ministries? I’ll get off my soap box, this is a touching subject.

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