Do You Ever Wonder Why?

Do you ever wonder why things happen as they do?  At the Payson church we have gone through many ups and downs as a spiritual family.  Like almost all churches we have both mountain top and valley experiences.  At the present time we are on the mountain top.  The work is to the point we are adding deacons. Souls continue to be added to the family.  This church continues to meet or surpass budget even in difficult economic times.  Today’s attendance  is at the highest point in more than three years.  Do you ever wonder why these things happen the way they do?  It would be easy to pat ourselves on the back and say, “look what a good job we are doing for the Lord.”  I do not believe it is because we are doing special things.  I don’t believe the credit ought ever be placed in the hands of men.  The credit for the good things that take place in the Lord’s Kingdom belong to Him.

As I thought about the church and the reason for the upswing certain things came to mind.  Let me share some of those things I believe are contributing to growth in the Kingdom here and generally promote growth in the Kingdom throughout the world.

  • A focus on preaching Jesus as Christ. It would appear the times we fall into the valley are the times we allow Satan to take our minds away from the focus on Jesus.  Hebrews tells us we need to look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.  When we allow our focus to be taken to other places the Kingdom suffers.
  • A realization of who is really head of the church. We often make the statement that it isn’t about me.  Truth of the matter is when we forget to whom the church really belongs  the cause of Christ falters.  Service to God is about lifting up Jesus rather than lifting up ourselves.
  • A growing church must be at peace. Paul condemned the church at Corinth for a number of things.  Among those things he condemned was division in the family.  When families divide they lose direction.  Church families often divide without leaving the building.  They did in Corinth. If a church is going to grow properly it must remain at peace.
  • God’s people must be united in purpose. One of the last prayers Jesus prayed was a prayer for unity of direction among the followers.  In order for church families to genuinely serve their communities and their Lord they must remain on the same page.  That page and direction is determined by the Lord and not by any one or any group of individuals.
  • God’s people must do things on God’s time. Sometimes we go through cycles because God is choosing the time things take place.  Try as we might we can’t control the world or the things in it.  God is in control.  Before we commend ourselves on how well we are doing in our service to God perhaps we need to thank God that He is blessing us on His time!

I don’t always know the why  good or bad things take place.  This I do know, when the family of God does well we need to thank God for His blessings and ask His continual guidance in our lives.  May God continue to bless the church in Payson and your congregations as well.  Praise God for His blessings and watchful eye!  May God help us to always trust in Him.


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