Nothing is the Same

This past week I spent time taking a class at Heritage Christian University.  This was the first time I had been on campus in more than thirty years.  To be there again brought back a rush of emotion. When I had been there previously my entire life was in front of me. I had so many plans and goals. As a young preacher I had all the answers. Everything fit into a nice theological box.  It was an exciting time in my life. When I was last at Heritage Robbi and I had no children.  This time we not only have children but grand-children as well.

The campus looked very similar to what I had remembered.  The things that had changed were on the inside.  Gone were the men and women I had called my friends.  Gone were the professors I had looked to for guidance and answers.  All of these had been replaced with individuals so much younger than I remembered being at Heritage. When I was at Heritage 30 years ago I was among the youngest of the students.  All the professors were at least a generation my senior.  I honestly think I was among the oldest  on campus this time around.

There were some things that had not changed.  There was a commitment to scholarship that was evident from the first minutes of the class.  Heritage continues to be a school dedicated to preparing individuals to share Jesus with their fellow man. There continues to be a deep desire to share what we have with a world needing to hear our message.

I left Friday afternoon with the understanding that I am growing older.  One day I will go to be with my Lord and another will stand in my place.  I also left campus with the appreciation that there continues to be young men and women who love the Lord and His message.  Most of all I left with an appreciation for men like Nathan Daily.  Nathan was the professor teaching the summer course I was taking. The class was taught with an appreciation for scholarship and truth.  As long as men like Nathan Daily commit themselves to training others in the work of our Lord the Kingdom remains in good hands.

Going back was bittersweet.  It was hard to realize that a great portion of my life has passed since I was last there.  It was sweet knowing that there are others who will step into the gap when I am gone.  Honestly, nothing is the same.  Some things are better.  May God bless those who commit themselves to teaching others to share the message of God.  Thanks to you Nathan Daily and to the scores of others like you, those of you who are dedicated to teaching the things of God.


5 Responses to Nothing is the Same

  1. Jan says:

    Dell you are still younger than me! Hopefully we are at the age that we can look back and realize how little we really know and still be hungry to learn more. And maybe we are old enough to discern what really matters!

  2. Thanks Jan, the one thing I have learned in the last thirty years is how little I really know. I have come to the point that I understand and genuinely rely on Proverbs 3:5 as a guide for my life.

  3. Judy says:

    Talk about getting old. Bob and I are going back to California in September for my 50th high school reunion. Man, how the years have flown.

  4. It is hard to believe time goes so quickly.

  5. christina says:

    You’ve heard the saying you can’t go back home. That’s the exact reason why. It’s the same, but it’s not. You’vseen the pics I sent where the tornado went through Albertville? It will never be the same there.

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