God Has a Much Better View of the Future.

Tonight Greg Marrs, one of our elders, taught a lesson on forgiveness.  Sometimes God provides us with an opportunity to hear just what we need at the time.  Tonight was one of those times for me.

Some years ago I lost a business I had worked years to build.  This was going to be our “retirement source.”  I didn’t lose it because of the economy or even because of foolish management decisions.  I lost it because I sold it and did not get paid.  By the time I picked up the pieces everything was gone. At 46 years old I was starting from less than zero.

I realized years ago I had to forgive and go on with my life.  For quite some time it had been unusual for me to even have a thought about what happened.  God placed me in Arizona and gave me an awesome opportunity to put my life back together.  In time He allowed me to heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually and to some degree financially.

In my mind I had been convinced for years I had overcome this issue.  In the past year God had blessed Robbi and me with two grandsons.  I was in Alabama a couple of weeks ago.  As I left those boys to return to Arizona I had to fight  anger that was building up inside me. I didn’t want to leave those boys.  In my mind I kept thinking it shouldn’t be this way.  I had worked twenty years so that I could be near my boys. My mind went back to the business.  There was a problem building in my heart.

Forgiveness in theory is easy.  How do you forgive and forget on a practical level? What do you do when when the hurt keeps on hurting?  From theory we tell each other we ought forgive and forget.  What do you do when years later you continue to deal with the results of what was done?

A few months ago the individual who had done these things ended his life through suicide.  I had been sad when it happened.  Now the anger was coming back full circle.  It just wasn’t right that I had to leave those boys. I had an anger problem again.  I had to ask myself this question, “Who are you mad at now?”  How could I feel resentment toward someone whose future was now in God’s hands?

Eventually the answers came to me.  Revenge and anger weren’t mine to hold.  God could see my life from beginning to end before I was born.  God knew all this would take place.  Even more God knew the answer to all the things I considered to be hardships. If God had the power to create and sustain this world, He could take care of me in ways I couldn’t begin to understand.  God had made all events in my life work together for my good. Knowing that God was in charge of all that happens, under the circumstances, could I really harbor those feelings?

Forgive, forget, trust God and give all your cares to Him.  God will not leave nor forsake his children.  Just place your life in His hands.  From where He sits God has a much better view of the future.


10 Responses to God Has a Much Better View of the Future.

  1. Wayne McDaniel says:

    Dell, Your open-heartedness encourages all your readers. I am looking forward to meeting you. Wayne

  2. Don says:

    I have long thought that the greatest prison in the world is one without bars…it is the heart. And you are right Dell…concerning anger, putting into practice what we know through the Word can be a regular process. Past wounds can indeed surface rather quickly sometimes, and we have to give them up to the Lord. He knows our wounded hearts and wants to continue to heal and bring peace. The older I get, the more that I understand the need for surrender…giving up any and everything to Him so He can use it teach me and use me to be His servant.


  3. Haley T. says:

    “Forgive and Forget” has to be one of the hardest things to do! I would put it on the list right under “taming the tongue”! I am a firm believer that “everything happens for a reason”. God certainly has a plan and we don’t know what it is until after it’s already happened, then we can see Him working through it! I know you are a great Christian man and you have all your trust in God so He will continue to help you “put a lid on” this hurt and anger you have experienced. I will be praying for you and Robbi and for God to continue to work through you both! 🙂

  4. Wayne, I too look forward to finally meeting. I am speaking at camp this year. My topic is, “so you think you are good enough to be saved.” I am excited about the topic. I hope to see you there.

  5. Don, thanks for the comment. It is easy to forgive in theory. My problem is practicing the theory. My intention is to forgive. My battle is with Satan. He keeps bringing up old wounds.

  6. Judy says:

    I have an ongoing problem with this also, but whenever it pops into my mind I think about something else real quick so I don’t get bogged down in it. Judy

  7. Jan says:

    Those same wounds surface in my heart from time to time. The forgetting part is what is so difficult for me. Julie and the baby were at church Sunday and my first thought was I wish you and Robbi were closer to the babies. I just have to remember in my times of weakness that God is in control.

  8. Thanks Judy, good advise. we never know what Satan will do to cause us problems.

  9. Thanks Jan, thank God, He is always in control.

  10. Thanks Haley, that was quite a youth group back then. I miss those days. I am glad to see God is blessing you. Thanks for reading my posts.

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