Things Are Changing

If you are old enough to remember the 1950’s and 1960’s,  then you are old enough to remember a different mindset in our nation.  This was a time when the thoughts and principles of God were the primary mindset of the day.  It was a time of shows like “Andy Griffith.”  Our biggest problem was how Barney would deal with those who were jay-walking on the streets of Mayberry.  There was a time when those who didn’t believe in God were an oddity in our communities.  Tragically they are becoming the norm in many areas. Things are changing much too quickly. We are becoming exiles in our own nation.  How does a Christian react when he becomes an exile in his own country?

Ezekiel and the Israelites were taken to Babylon prior to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.  They continued to have some freedoms. Yet, in reality, they were exiles unable to worship God properly. God had raised up Ezekiel as prophet and priest to help Israel through these difficult times and to bring them hope for the future.  In spite of all Ezekiel did, Israel remained exiled in a country where the customs were not their own.  The thought process was not their thought process, but most of all, the Gods of the Babylonians were not their God.  It was hard for them to worship God as exiles in a nation that knew not God.

In our minds we think, “This could never happen to us.”  Truthfully, it is taking place even as you read this post.  When our fore-fathers founded this nation they did so on the principles of God. Those principles have dominated our thinking, our laws, and our culture since those days. Many of you can remember when everyone was a believer in God. It wasn’t if you belonged to a church but which church. This is changing and in many places has already changed. When the primary responsibility charged to the head of NASA by our government is to reach out and befriend the Muslim nations, things are changing.  When it is against the law to pray to God in a school assembly things are changing. When it is lawful for expectant mothers to kill their babies things are changing. When more than 50% of our nation contributes nothing but instead enjoys the blessings of this nation at the expense of others things are changing.

Unless we change our direction, the day will come when those who trust God for salvation will be the minority, exiles in our own nation. When that day comes we will have gone from the dominant to the dominated. This great nation will have been fundamentally changed from it’s core. What does it look like to be a Christian who is an exile in his own land?

In that day:

  • It won’t be who is right but what is right.  For most of our adult lives our argument has been who is right in what they teach religiously.  After all it was a given that God was creator and sustainer.  In a land where those who trust Jesus for salvation are the minority, we won’t be competing with other religious groups for members.  Instead, our battle will be with those who do not except Jesus or the Father as judge.
  • Biblical principles will no longer be the basis for Law.  This battle has been raging for sometime.  The Bible teaches that a man is to work for the things he has.  If he will not work, neither should he eat.  Without Biblical principle dominating our laws, the government will take what you have and give it to anyone of their choosing.
  • Morality will be a forgotten mindset. Without God we become nothing more than an animal.  Those who are strongest survive and control.
  • Our religious freedom will be at risk. God is a danger to the lifestyle of those who live for the pleasures of this world.  We have freedom today because of the freedoms afforded us by the Constitution.  Without the basic principles of God our nation will drastically change from what we have known.
  • Freedom in general will be at risk. Without God the core of this nation changes.  This nation will be fundamentally changed forever.  The days of our existence and our freedom will be numbered.

What do we do in times like these?  If it isn’t too late we must humble ourselves and turn back to God because God is our only hope.  He is the only hope of this nation and the world. Consider the words of 2 Chronicles 7:14. We don’t have time to spare, we must turn back to God today because things are changing.


5 Responses to Things Are Changing

  1. Judy says:

    I think because so many people have turned away from God that He has now turned away from us.

  2. I hope God doesn’t turn His back to our needs as a nation. It is time for us to turn to Him. Thanks Judy.

  3. Dennis says:

    I believe that a time is coming in which many in this country will turn back to God. Unfortunately it will not be until our nation collapses financially (which is just around the corner)and we are shaken to the core. We could look at this with great distress and horror, or we can, as you have pointed out, humble ourselves and acknowledge that all we are and ever were is by his grace and nothing more. His principles are eternal and hold true in “good times” and “bad.” So, “humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.”

  4. Dennis, Thanks for the response. I fear you are right about the collapse, I hope you are right about the return to God.

  5. christina says:

    Our forefathers made sure that everyone knew that our rights are given to us by our Creator. Not by majority vote. When people see this and not it’s my right to be gay, or it’s my right to abortion because the people in Washington said so, then everyone will see God shining through in our laws. All laws are Bible -based. Murder, lying, stealing, cheating, drunkenness,etc… there’s several lists in the Bible. So why not say it’s my right to murder because it’s a Biblical law and the Bible isn’t suppose to dictate law. Well then we have no laws in America and everyone does what they want. The question is how do we go about life in America, obey the laws set forth, and not know that God gave us these laws. And how does someone say that we are not a Christian nation? The muslim ruled countries, they kill, they put their sons out as prostitutes to make money because they have to keep their daughters virgins. I’m proud to say I’m a Christian, and know that it means something. I’m also proud to say one nation Under God. He said he will never leave His own. As long as we stay with Him, He’ll stay with us. And if the majority is with God, then we are still a Christian nation, no matter what Obama says.

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