We Need a Little “Sunshine” in our Lives

Karla, my daughter was the sweetest child I have ever known.  Her disposition was laid back, she was always happy.  When she was small I would sing a song to her. The Statler Brothers were always one of my favorite groups.  They sang a song called, “Do you know you are my sunshine?”  This became a song I would sing to Karla.  She had wrapped her father around her finger and was indeed  sunshine in my life.

It is very seldom we have anyone in our life we can call our “sunshine.”  It takes a special person to qualify for this role.  It is not likely we would ever know more than one or at the most two people who could bring sunshine into our otherwise unhappy lives. Could it be we look in all the wrong places for the things that bring happiness? Certainly a special person will always bring sunshine to our lives.  Are there other reasons for us to find happiness?

Jesus talks about real peace and happiness not being found among the things of this world. Scripture tells us that in Christ exists a peace that passes understanding.  Is it possible we have been looking in all the wrong places for the things that really make us happy, the things that qualify as sunshine in our lives?  When you look for the sunshine in your life, look to the Son for he is the only one who consistently shines the light of hope to an otherwise dismal world.


12 Responses to We Need a Little “Sunshine” in our Lives

  1. Jeff Hale says:

    I was happy to see this. I will post it on my wall for my friends. My church family brings sunshine to me like my earthly and heavenly family. I think our children, made up of husband & wife, have a corner on this market. Another thing that is interesting is I completely redid my website and started a blog last Thursday. Your link will be a good start on my “favorite” links. Hope to see you eyeball to eyeball in about a month. Jeff

  2. Thanks Jeff, I hope to see you guys as well.

  3. christina says:

    My mom had one of those dancing sunflowers that sang you are my sunshine. My kids learned that song early on. That and Jesus loves me was their favorite songs when they were little.Anyone who went to church at Albertville has fond memories of you “singing.” Rudolph or Peace in the Valley! It makes my day when I get to read this site! Thank you!

  4. Thanks Christina, those were nice times. Just so long ago. 🙂

  5. christina says:

    Are you saying we’re getting old? My birthday is in 2 days, but I’m not telling my age!

  6. You’re the same age as Christy. I know already. Glad you are reading the blog and happy birthday.

  7. Sunshine … perhaps a metaphor for “shalom” … we are desperate for it aren’t we.

  8. Yes Bobby we are…

  9. Jan says:

    Your relationship with Karla was always very sweet to me. I will always remember the two of you with love in my heart. I pray that Jesus will always be the “sunshine in my soul”. Take care!

  10. christina says:

    I thought about you and this article today! The kids and I went to Guntown Mtn. And watched western shows and ate lunch. One of the songs they sang was you are my sunshine by Riders in the sky! How intersting! Love ya, Christina. ( You really keep up with how old Christy is?)

  11. Karla says:

    Awww, I’m sunshine to alot of people….Bahahaha Just kidding. That is very sweet of you to say. Drennen is definitely mine. He too is a laid-back and happy baby. I was very lucky in getting him. But when i’m very upset and ‘cloudy’ I find my peace in knowing that I’m suppose to hand it over to god, and have no worries =)

  12. Karla you continue to be sunshine in your Father’s world.

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