Do We Really Know the Mind of God

This past year has taught me many things.  Among  them is the truth that God is so superior to us that even though we are created in His image we really know very little about His will or direction for our lives.  I grew up with a very small understanding of God.  I had a neat theological box I had put God into.  Everything I knew about God fit into the box.  My mind was made up concerning how God was going to react in every set of circumstances.  How arrogant was my concept of God!  So many things didn’t fit into my understanding.  Things like:  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why is Satan allowed to tempt good servants of the King?  When we pray to God why do we already have in mind how God will answer that prayer?  Man’s concept of God is usually determined by what someone who has told us how  it should be. WHY DO WE LIMIT GOD TO OUR FINITE MINDS? If I have learned anything  it is the fact that God does not always give us what we expect nor in the way we expect it.  Spiritual growth requires that we allow God to determine His own box.  Instead of making God fit into our concept of how things should be we ought to consider allowing the size of our “box” to be determined by God.  Consider this warning:  when you dare allow God to set the standard there will be many who will try to destroy you.  If you let God determine right and wrong rather than mankind to make the determination you undermine the self-righteousness and comfortable positions of many of this worlds most religious.   Consider this;  when you make up your mind as to what God has in mind you close the door on many opportunities and blessings He might otherwise bring your way.  God bless and keep preaching Jesus.


5 Responses to Do We Really Know the Mind of God

  1. Guy says:

    Good morning again Dell. I have to agree that “we humans” seem to always put everything into little boxes. Life has taught me that God is not a box person. Life has shown me that God is way to large in my life to fit into any box made by human minds. You once told me in a private chat at the church building, that the devil wants everyone that God has and the devil will do everything in his power to get the people that God has. You told me that the devil would use every part of my life that I am weakest in as he tries to pull me away from God. This is where I have learned what faith really means. Faith is not the direct opposite of fear: Faith is the opposite of doubt. Faith does not mean 100% trust: Faith is confidence! Confidence that God will always keep His word and always show me the next right thing to do. I have spent the last 21+ years of my life following the “next indicated” path (the next RIGHT thing) that God was leading down in life. I hardly ever understood where the path was leading me but I always had confidence that the path was a better path for me to walk then the rocky, un-mapped, ancient trail of the prior 33+ years. God showed me, through AA that rigorous honesty was the path He wanted me to walk in my life. One lesson that was so deeply hard for me to learn during this time of my life is that “NO” other person ever poured the alcohol or dropped the drugs down my throat. It was always my choice to do this as an escape from my human realities. Now rigorous honesty is a very hard path for us humans to walk in life because of our peers, our ego’s, our emotions, and our past life training. However, It is possible for us finite humans with God’s infinite help. I am here for you always. You never turned your back completely on me in the years we have known each other and I will not turn my back on you. I will share this with you and anyone with the courage to heed; the path of rigorous honesty is not easy but the rewards are unlimited. No I am not perfect at rigorous honesty yet. I have learned however, that rigorous honesty without compassion is actually brutality and not love. Hugs and love always, Guy

  2. We embrace the finite because it’s all we know. God is not unaware or detoured by this.

    The Kingdom can only invade places it has not conquered. When the Kingdom comes, its arrival pushes away the old, revealing the new. Your revelation: God is outside of the box. Proof that the Kingdom is making progress in your life.

    As for limiting God with our thoughts: you are a perfect example of how it’s not all that critical, really. Did God allow you to remain limited? No. God is in charge of revelation, not us. His timing in your life is correct. He’s calling you to a new season of new life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen-aged David or an 80-year-old Caleb. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word from the mouth of God. He has just spoken over you, and now you have more life than before!

    What we actually mourn at times like these is the time we think we’ve wasted by keeping God in a box this long. But is God worried about how long it takes? Nope. Believers might be delayed, but never denied. You have a destiny in Christ Jesus. God, as a loving Father, will complete that work. To Him, when you say, “I’m sorry I spent 40 years doing such and so,” God says, “What? Oh! You mean ten minutes ago? No big deal. Come on, let’s go!”

    If God’s not worried about you, I’m certainly not. In fact, He looks at you with great pleasure, like a proud and eager husband watching his bride walk down the aisle.

  3. MIke Bumpus says:


    Being half the country away and never having met you in person I don’t know what has been going on for the last year, but I am very glad to see you blogging again. Your writing challenged me and caused me to think about what I was doing … or should doing or not doing. Keep on keeping on

  4. Royce says:

    I’ve missed you Dell. Welcome back!

    You have hit the nail on the head. We limit God in so many ways other than our lack of faith. And, as you point out, much of it is because we were not correctly taught about who God is and what He is up to. One of the most common mistakes I observe is that people (sometimes me) assign human limitations to God. Or, make some sentimental statement about God’s reason for saving us is that he needs our company. God doesn’t need anything, because He is God. May my box increasingly be more God sized!


  5. Ralph says:

    It is nice when the coc has everything all wrapped up in a nice little bow. How much we don’t know about what God wants in our lives. We ask God for something, he gives it to us and we miss it because it wasnt how or what we expected.

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