So Nice to Meet Old Friends

I had reached that point in a trip we hate to reach.  It was time to go back to Arizona, leaving behind children and grandchildren.  I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to leave.  As I was sitting at the gate I saw a gentleman who looked very familiar. Tall, distinguished but I couldn’t quite place him.   We both spoke and as soon as I heard his voice I knew the face.  It had been 30 years since I had seen him.  He had been  a professor I had in college more than 30 years ago.  It was Harvey Starling.  I had enjoyed sitting in Harvey’s classes.  It was at his feet that I first heard about  assurance and grace.  Coming from my background I knew very little about these subjects.  I could hardly believe that one could actually know they were saved.  The things he was teaching were music to my ears.  I will ever be grateful to Harvey for the things he taught me.  I remember something that Harvey would do at the end of his message.  He would say “do all the good you can to all the people you can all the time you can and for the sake of our Lord do no harm at all.”  Harvey is now preaching and teaching in Romania.  It is so nice to run into old friends in the Lord.  One day there will be a great family reunion when we all God’s family will meet together for eternity.  God bless and keep preaching Jesus,


4 Responses to So Nice to Meet Old Friends

  1. Jan Cox says:

    And thank you for passing these teachings on to me! Jan

  2. Stanley Cook says:

    Dell, I also recall fondly Harvey Starling’s classes at IBC and enjoying hearing him preach the saving grace of God in revival services at various churches. Brother Harvey is a great inspiration to the generation who has followed him. Dell, you also are in inspiration. Though you’ve been going through a tough time, it seems like you have a grasp on the grip of God’s grace and that will help sustain you. May God bless you richly.

  3. Speaking of seeing old friends, I hope to see you and Robbi at the retreat at Copper Basin. Its going to be really good. Will be better if I see you two again. Blessings.

  4. Jim McCutchen says:

    wow…I just read the fine comments about Harvey starling…I loved going on Campaigns with him and hearing his passionate plea for people to obey Jesus…I too loved his classes…….Jim McCutchen

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