The Most Important Event Ever Known

There have been some great events since the beginning of time.  To think about Moses parting the Red Sea inspires awe in the minds of us all.  How exciting it would have been to have seen the walls of Jerico fall!  Can you imagine the excitement of those on the Mayflower when they first spotted land after all those weeks on the ocean?  The power released when the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan changed this world forever.  As a young man I still remember hearing the words of the astronaut as he stepped onto the surface of the moon.  All of these were great events but none of them had the power to change destiny like the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

Death couldn’t keep Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him.  By the power of God Jesus was raised from the grave!  The resurrection of Jesus changed the desiny of all those who place their trust in  Him.  No longer did sin control the future of our souls.  Now there was forgiveness for man and the restoration of relationship with God.  The resurrection of the Christ made this day the greatest day the world will ever know.  Praise God for resurrection of the Jesus!  Thank you God for giving us hope!


One Response to The Most Important Event Ever Known

  1. Don Morrison says:

    What a wonderful Easter! Without the resurrection of our Savior, why would we care about all those other things? But today, God blessed us with reunion with friends and renewed relationship; much needed rain to recreate the earth a wonderful time of worship to replenish my soul, self reflection to reaffirm my dependance on God. All this and more a refection of God’s power to raise up, restore and set right.
    I need more resurrection today, may the Lord bring it on!

    Thank you, Dell – we are all in this together, since we all desparately need Jesus.

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