An Open Letter To All Who Read This Blog

ImageHow often have we been so angry, so hurt, so disillusioned that we want to strike back at those we believe have done us wrong?  We know when we have been harmed in some way. We believe no one has faced the difficulties we have been having to suffer.  If everyone knew what we had been through they would understand.   Truthfully all of us have been wronged or misled in someway.  My problem is I want to manipulate the situation so I can control the results.  Instead of putting it in the hands of Jesus I want to get revenge or I want to get even.  Sometimes Christians know just enough about God to be dangerous. This is one of those times I fall into this category. We know a few scriptures and have heard a few sermons.  We may have even made a half-hearted attempt to commit our lives to Jesus. We are fine with the commitment as long as it is on our terms.

This is where I find myself as I examine my life.  There are those who have caused great hurt in my life.  There are those who have intentionally tried to destroy me.  The statements I just made are absolutely true.  What I have had to come to grips with is what I have faced is nothing compared to what our Lord experienced.  It is time for me to say openly that the sins committed against me pale in comparison to my sins which placed Jesus on the crossTo all I have wronged and hurt in the last 18 months I beg your forgiveness. To those of you who have caused pain by intentionally sinning against me I forgive all.  There are times when we must forgive the wrongs and the pain associated with it and move on with our lives.  For me this is one of those times.  There has been enough pain and sin to last a lifetime. If you feel you have been hurt or damaged in some way by me I beg your forgiveness.  

I hope that all who have been involved find your way to Jesus.  I refuse to participate  any longer in doing the things in the way the world does them.  I am giving my life totally to the Lord.  I give him the hurts, the sins, the pain, the lies, the suffering, the good, and the opportunities for service.  Father I give my life to you, use me as you will.  I refuse to hold ill will against anyone.  I place it all in the hands of the Christ.  May God give grace to us all.  In Christ, Dell Kimberly


6 Responses to An Open Letter To All Who Read This Blog

  1. Dennis Ensor says:

    I pray God’s bountiful blessings on you Dell. It’s good to “hear” your voice again. Dennis

  2. Don Morrison says:

    Dell – So good to read words from you and especially such heartfelt expressions. While I have been looking forward to your thoughts and experiences for this long time, I have been praying and hoping for you. We all are likely to walk through some dark valley where hope and faith seem less powerful and God may seem unknowable, unnapproachable. But God has been walking with you; his Spirit mingled with yours, till finally he may be seen again in all his grace and glory. You are in the company of all of us – we are with you whether anyone likes it or not, my brother. We are those longing beyond our weakness and failing. We are those who cling to our Rescuer. We are his Israel, struggling with ourselves and with God.

    Peace and love is yours,

    Don Morrison

  3. Judy Meuller says:

    I’m so happy that you’re back. I missed you.

  4. Jan Cox says:

    So VERY good to hear from you again! You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Just remember that the God on the mountain is still God in the valley. He’s ALWAYS there.
    A friend to you oth always, Jan

  5. DeWayne Andrew says:

    ALL of us fall down. Only the brave humble themselves before the Lord and Say please forgive me. Those that deny they have fallen stand with dirt on their spiritual robes for all to see. Those that stand in humility and ask for forgiveness stand in white robes spiritually. Welcome home my brother. May we all be so before the Lord – forgiven. Remember He rules.

    The joy of the Lord is yours.

  6. Thanks to all of you who have expressed kindness and love to me. May God shower his love and grace to those of you haven’t.

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