This is the story of a personal battle that has been waged with Satan over the last eighteen months.  When this battle began I had been preaching the gospel of Jesus for 34 years.  In my mind there was no temptation nor promise Satan could put before me that could ever separate me from my calling.  In my arrogance and self conceit I thought I was above anything Satan could put before me.  How wrong I was!

The Lord warned us that our battle was not with flesh and blood but with Spiritual wickedness in high places.  No truer words have been spoken. For the past eighteen months Satan has done his best to destroy me.  The battle was waged by spiritual wickedness but Satan used flesh and blood to do his bidding.  He  used everything at his disposal to sever my relationship with God.  He has used friends, church leaders, even my own ego to do his damage.

I could blame multitudes for letting me down. There was more than enough blame to go around.   The truth is I made the choices and I must shoulder the blame. It was no ones fault but my own.  I must take ownership of  this mistake.  Because of the choices I made the church suffered, my marriage suffered, and people I care about were hurt.  Other than the damage to my marriage and the church my  greatest hurt was a loss of integrity by those who believed in me.  Statistics tell us that 75 percent of the men and 50 percent of all women have made the same mistake I made.  With a preacher it is different.  Right or wrong he is held to a higher standard.  For sometime I have been wrestling with what do with the rest of my life.

In all of these troubles and trials I had left God.  A few weeks ago as I prayed fervently for God to forgive I felt His Spirit come back into life.  I know that for some of my brethren this may seem a bit strange to you.  I only ask you listen with an open mind and heart.  I had abandoned God.  I had even blamed him for the difficulties in my life, difficulties that were a result of my decisions.  I had never needed God more or deserved Him less.

I believe that God has a place for me in his kingdom.  I am going to continue to work toward my degree in marriage and family therapy.  It is my hope that God will open doors for me and my wife to do workshops to help others make better choices with their lives than I have made with mine.  I have learned the hard way that all is not as it seems.   I have done all I can to make things right with God, my wife, and all others who were involved.  It is my hope that God will allow me to use the things I have learned to keep others from making the same mistakes.  I am willing to share God’s message about marriage and relationships with any who are willing to listen.

To all who I have let down please accept my sincere apology.  With God’s help and approval I will devote the rest of my life to helping Christians build the only relationship Satan can’t touch.  A relationship between husband, wife, and God.  May God have mercy on our souls.  Dell Kimberly



  1. I forgive you and God has already forgiven you.

  2. shirley rae says:

    Thank you for sharing your walk with us. I hear you! I pray and agree together with you and your whole house, that in God, all things works together for good TO THOSE THAT LOVE GOD, who are call according to HIS PURPOSE. Bless you brother Dell

  3. Don Morrison says:

    You are loved by God

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