So We Have God Figured Out !

For much of my adult life I have been a preacher of the gospel of our Lord. God fit nicely into a box of my pre-determined ideas. I had been taught and had taught that God would act and react only in certain ways. Let me give you some examples:

  • God could and would only speak through the Bible. As amazing as it seems to me now there was a day when I believed God was finished speaking to mankind when the words of Scripture were finished.  I taught and believed God would not and could not speak to us in anyway outside the Bible. What a massive gift we miss when we fail to listen for God’s answer to our prayers! Sometimes we need to be still and listen for the voice of God.
  • God could and would only answer prayer in a certain way.  If we asked God for something and He answered it in a way we  considered unacceptable, it couldn’t be from God.  God will answer prayer, sometimes in ways we don’t expect.  Be careful what you pray for or be ready to accept His answer, even if it isn’t what you expected.
  • God was looking for a way to condemn us.  How often in my younger years I have heard God portrayed as a God who was vengeful and angry.  He was seen as a God who with pen in hand was waiting for the opportunity to mark our name out of the book of life.  If God wanted to give us condemnation all that would have been necessary was for Jesus to have never come to earth.
  • God wrote the Bible and then retired leaving man to his own actions.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We worship and serve an active God!  We serve a God who is alive in our lives.  He is a God who is not only listening and speaking to us but also a God who dwells within us. 
  • Knowing the Bible equals knowing Jesus. I can know the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and still not know Jesus.  We place our emphasis in the wrong places.  Knowing Scripture is important but relationship with our Lord is far more important. 
  • God is found only within the pages of Scripture.  This concept is so wrong.  God is able to do anything He chooses and cannot be bound to Scripture only.  God is “hands on” in our world.  Our salvation is not dependant on whether we can name the books of the Bible or the Kings of Israel and Judah.  Our salvation depends on  trust in the promises of an almighty God.

Stop trying to put God into your preconceived  box.  We don’t have God all figured out.  God is so much more than our minds can imagine.  He reacts and acts in ways we cannot understand.  Instead of making God fit into our concept of how we think He ought to be, put your trust in God and the promises he has made.  We worship an awesome God!  He is a God so great He cannot possibly fit into our ideas and understanding.  Stop trying to limit God. Praise the name of God!     God may you continue to show us your grace and mercy!    Dell Kimberly


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