Why Doesn’t God Always Do As We Expect?

Jesus condemned the Pharisees because they searched the Scriptures and thought that through them they obtained eternal life. The Pharisees thought they had God figured out.

Often we are like Pharisees. We think that we can figure out the thoughts of God. In our minds we know exactly how God will respond. What happens when God does’t answer us as we expect? Is it His mistake or ours?

It is easy to give answers until it involves us. When He answers in ways that are outside our comfort zone we think “that can’t possibly be right.” After all God tells us how He will answer all prayer in 3 opinions 3:1. When will we learn that His ways are above our ways and His wisdom so far above our wisdom?  We can’t always know the mind of God.

Be careful that you don’t let others determine the mind and actions of God in your life.  The beliefs of man don’t  necessarily run parallel to the mind of God.


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