Is There A Job For Those Who Are Mere Men?

I feel certain that many of you must be as tired of hearing of my difficulties as I am of living them. I realize and accept the depth of the mistakes I made. I waiver in how i feel about myself. At times I feel like Job and at others I feel like David. Most of the I simply feel like a servant of God who has failed miserably. I realize I am a mere man, full of sin and many mistakes. I also know that God loves me as He does you and cares about us as individuals created in His image. This brings several questions to my mind.

  • What can I learn from this sin I committed?
  • When does the pain and hurt stop?
  • Why does the fellowship I have been part of all my adult life revel in the sin and pain of it’s leaders?
  • Is there ever reacceptance by the church or do I have to find another group to allow me to work and serve my Lord?
  • Is there something God has in mind for just a mere man like me?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no forgiveness, mercy, or concern for those who have fallen among us.  Galations 6:1 is a viable scripture.  Unfortunately it is one my fellowship has neglected to read.  May God hold you in his hand.  Dell Kimberly


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