Successful Relationship Must Be Based in God

The best book ever written on relationship is the Bible.  It doesn’t matter if the relationship is between a husband and wife or parent and child the best authority on how it ought to be done is God.

Jesus_103When God had created the world and sought a partner for Adam one could not be found.  God caused Adam to sleep as he took a rib from Adam’s side.  From this rib God created a special gift for Adam.  God called that “gift” woman. After creating woman God spoke of the relationship He had created this way, he said,”for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined to another.”  This is relationship as God intended.

I ask this simple question, “How does relationship based in God actually look?”

  • All successful relationships looks like relationship with God at the top.    Our relationship with God is the beginning of any successful marriage or even friendship.  This is the foundation of both family and marriage.  Our primary response has to be a response showing God as the most important part of our lives.  Being right with God is where it all begins.
  • Any successful relationship looks like a relationship with God as it’s director.  According to the Lord we are created in His image.  If we indeed are created in His image we need to look like Him.  I’m not talking about looking like God physically but spiritually.  Our lives and relationships must be based in the purpose for which God created us.  We must be like Him.  His purpose must be our purpose, His direction our direction.
  • Primary relationship decisions must begin with the question, “What does God want?”  Most of us are selfish in what we want.  It is about ourselves.  It was never intended to be this way.  Man was created to serve God.  While this type relationship will bring the greatest happiness, God never asked us to be happy.  God wants us to be holy through Him.  In any relationship the most important question we can ask as individuals or as a couple is simple.  What does God want for my life?
  • Successful relationship looks like relationship with the man providing proper guidance.  As a husband man’s responsibility is to provide security for the relationship, always in the Lord.  A successful Godly relationship will always have a husband providing direction and guidance.  Ultimately the question arises, “What do we do if the man will not lead?”  This is a subject I will deal with further in this discussion, but, a successful relationship will be in God with the man providing leadership and direction for that relationship.  How different this looks from most relationships in the world today.
  • Successful relationship takes place when the woman completes the relationship in the Lord.  It is significant that God created woman from the rib of Adam.  In doing so God created a mate who could complete Adam.  Without this mate in his life, Adam could never have been complete.   His life would never have been what God wanted.  Woman was the greatest of God’s accomplishments.  In the creation of woman, God crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s.  No relationship can be truly successful without a Godly woman making that relationship and her husband complete.

From start to finish all relationships must be based in the Lord if the relationship is going to be as successful as God intended it to be.  As you read these articles I covet your prayer and comment.  In His hand, dell kimberly.


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