What Makes Relationship Work – Three

marriage1Good relationship is not an accident.  Some of the same things that cause us to fall in love initially keep us in love through the years.  Sad but true, we often abandon the things that initially caused us to become special friends.  I hope this has been of value to you as this is the last of these three articles.  I will list my final points for this topic in this article.  It is my prayer this will help you make better choices than I have made.

  • The Psalms 23 Concept.  In the 23rd Psalm Scripture is discussing the role of the shepherd in the life of the sheep.  David refers to the role God has in the life of each of us.  No where is this role more important than in relationship.  We could discuss many facets of the role of the shepherd.  As it applies to marriage or relationship, the shepherd is the husband.  He is to provide an environment of peace or “still water.”  Security is vital for the woman in relationship.  The husband is to provide an atmosphere of security regardless of circumstances.
  • We Must React as David Reacted.  We look at the life of David and many of us can say, I’ve never done anything as bad as David.  It is true that David had many bad actions in his life.  From lying to murder David did it all.  Yet, God said that David was a man after God’s own heart.  What made David different?  It wasn’t the action of David that made him good.  It was the reaction of David that set him apart.  When David’s actions were brought to his attention, his reaction was always the same.  He was deeply sorrowful and penitent.  Regardless of whether it is the man or the woman, each in relationship must be willing to correct the wrongs that will ultimately take place in our lives.  We must react as David reacted.  If we do, we will set our relationship apart as a special relationship.
  • I have saved the most important for last.  We must have a relationship based in God.  There is no part of any relationship as important as having a foundation set in God.  Every decision, every thought, and every motive must be set in a thought pattern based on what God desires for our lives.  Only when we are walking together in Christ can we reach our full potential.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read and comment on these posts.  I welcome your insight and comment.  God has put a desire into my heart to make a difference in the lives of people.  I have made some really poor choices in the last few years.  It is my hope and intent to help others avoid some of these same choices in their lives.  Your prayers and thoughts would certainly be appreciated.


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